In order to better serve the interests of the Barony, we are collecting data on the what our members are interested in and how best to accommodate them. If you are a member of South Downs, please take a few moments to make your voice heard.

Demographic Survey

This survey collects information on your activity level, interests, and how you prefer to receive communication from the Barony.

Charts based on the survey results can be seen here:


Geographic Survey

This survey is specifically focused on activities you are interested in participating in and/or helping to organize, based on your approximate (ZIP code) location within the Barony. This is meant to be a tool for members of the Barony to find others with similar interests and locate convenient places for meetings, practices, and workshops.

If you have filled out this survey in the past, there may be new options that have since been added based on “Other” responses. If you would like to add these new options to a previous response, please fill out the survey again and select only the new activities so your previous responses are not counted twice.

Survey results can be seen on this interactive map as they come in: