Arts and Sciences

Class schedule

The Barony has a class night on the 4th Wednesday of each month! This is our upcoming schedule:

Date Teacher Subject
January 23 Sir Iastreb Desislavich The History of Chess and How to Play Chess
February 27 Lady Justina di Silvestri Taking a Bite Out of History: Your Ancestors Were Cannibals!
March 27 Cellach Ingen Oengusa Who was King Arthur Anyway?
April 24 Baroness Madelena da Firenze Bycockets pt2. No Steam Required.
May 22 Lady Zhelana Vovkivna Spanish Inquisition
June 26 The Honorable Lady Wenyeva atte grene Introduction to Middle English (counts as RUM class HIS-2110, toward the Literature HIS requirement)
July 24 The Honorable Lady Juliane de Vivonne How to Run a List
August 28 TBD TBD
September 25 The Honorable Lady Andreva Rigaldi Troll How-To
October 23 Mistress Margavati Bai Intro to Islamic Bookbinding
November 27 Holiday No class in November
December 25 Holiday No class in December

If you’d like to teach an A&S class, please use this form or contact Lady Alisandre Isabeau de la Chapelle!

Scribal night!

Mistress Sunneva holds a scribal night on the third Tuesday of every month at her house at: 4079 Echo Woods Drive, Clarkston GA

If you’re interested in coming out for scribal and illumination, please do!


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