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South Downs at Gulf Wars

180313 South Downs in Grand Procession
South Downs marches in the Grand Procession at Gulf Wars 2018.

Photo courtesy Mistress Katherine of Dreywick

At the 5th Wednesday Social

180131 Potluck

Barony members feasting at the 5th Wednesday Social night.

Photo courtesy Lady Stella di Silvestri

At the Cub Scout Demo

180125 Scout Demo

Lady Mairghread, Lord Piers, and Lord Mark address Cub Scout Pack 528, who are working on earning the “Good Knights” adventure.

Photo courtesy Lissa Smith

Scenes from Meridies 40th Year

Congratulations to Master Mathias, Lady Juliane and Lord Lucien! Huzzah!

Photos courtesy the Honorable Lady Andreva Rigaldi

20180114_185005 20180114_174320
20180114_180825 20180113_171913

Thanks for coming to Castle Wars 2017!

Hope you had fun, and see you next time!

Pictures courtesy Katherine Radford.











Fighter practice 9/10/2017

Photo courtesy George Hunter
More photos here.

Dragoncon 2017

SCA members preparing for the Dragoncon parade
Photo courtesy Lady Stella di Silvestri

Tourney of the Foxes 2017

170826 Adela's Gilded Company The Barony had a strong showing at the Tourney of the Foxes melee tournaments this year, fielding one armored fighting team, three rapier teams and an archery team. Adela’s Gilded Company 3 was victorious in the rapier melee tournament, and the armored and archery teams had a strong showing. All our combatants fought valiantly in the name of Baroness Adela.
Adela’s Gilded Company, Rapier Edition Photo by Mistress Sunneva de Cleia.

Videos from Meridian Challenge of Arms 2017

Videos courtesy Lady Raven Helmsplitter

Don Lazarus Gauge vs Maestro David Twynham


Don Lazarus Gauge vs Nikoslav Mikaelovich


Don Lazarus Gauge vs Master Wistric Oftun


Captain Marquette Hildebrand vs Captain Davio de la Rouge


Master Wistric Oftun vs Don Lazarus Gauge (finals)

Practice A&S Faire

Pictures by Bjorn Gulharr, from the Wednesday In-Garb Potluck and Practice A&S Faire

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