Dramatis Personae

The People of South Downs!

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Title SCA Name Notes
Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge Calligraphy, Illumination
Aelia Bassina of Veii
Lady Agnes Halydaye
Sir Aidan Mackay
Mistress Alessandra Giovanna Fioravanti Deputy Reeve, Late Italian costuming, Weaving
Lady Alisandre Isabeau de la Chapelle Arts & Sciences Minister, 16th c Ottoman, Costuming, Cordialing, Cooking
The Honorable Lady Andreva Rigaldi Reeve, Music, embroidery
Lady Anneliese Wulf
The Honorable Lady Bianca the Inquisitive
The Honorable Lord Björn Gullhárr Heraldry, Photography
Lord Bram Halfdannarson Heavy fighting, rapier fighting
Captain Brendan de Hay Rapier Marshal, Rapier fighting, Mead brewing
Lady Bú Feiyan Deputy Chatelaine (Demos)
Lord Camulocaros Bodogenicnos Heavy fighting, Brewing
Master Cathal mac Edan na faeled
Cellach ingen Oengusa
Charlie MacNeill 1500’s Scotland, Rapier Combat, Leatherworking, Bookbinding
Mistress Christianna MacGrain
Lady Dametta of Arundel
Master David Twynham Rapier fencing, Historic combat arts
Master Davio de la Rouge Rapier fencing
The Honorable Lady Emelina le Norreys Arts Champion, 12th-16th c England, calligraphy, illumination, wood burning, wood carving, jewelry making
Eyba Larsdottir Rapier fencing
Lord Faruq abdur Rashid Leatherworking
Lord Finn O’Flaherty
Mistress Gabriella Francesca Qlejja de Warre
Lord Guido of Axbridge
Countess Gwenhyfar Mwynn
Baron Hajji Turahan Karamani al-Arsalan
Sir Iastreb Desislavich Heavy fighting
Lord Ignatius Modicus
Lady Isabella Parr
The Honorable Lady Isabetta de San Marco
Lord Ivarr Ulfasson
Lord Jacob Mór
Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya Middle eastern costuming, Middle eastern dance
Lord Jarec Markov Deputy Marshal, Heavy fighting
Duke John of Ean Airgead, called the Mad Celt Heavy fighting
The Honorable Lady Juliane de Vivonne Deputy Seneschal, 12th-15th c European, Viking, Costuming, Dance, Embroidery, Illumination
Lord Jurgen der Vielfrass Heavy fighting
The Honorable Lady Justina di Silvestri Chatelaine, 15th & 16th c Italian, courtesans, cosmetics, historic hygiene, personal lives, home economics, hair dressing, poisons, and the macabre of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Noble Kasha Lengyel 16th century Hungary, Russia and Poland, Costuming, scribal, cooking, fiber arts
Lord Konrad Windhorn 16th-century Landsknecht, Archery, Armored Combat, Rapier fighting
Mistress Laurettia atte Blacksterre
Master Lorenzo Petrucci 15th-16th c Italian, archery, armored combat, dance, costuming, crafting
Lord Lucis Wicanius Cicero
The Honorable Lord Lucien d’Artois Herald, Quartermaster
The Honorable Lady Lykaina of Stone Hill Keep Norse, Norman, Crusader 1st – 3rd, Armored Combat, Lampwork, jewlery making, and sewing
Baroness Madelena da Firenze English 15th-16th Century, Archery, Costuming, Crafting, History, Service
Lord Magnus Andersson
The Honorable Lady Maire Dhocair inghean Chiarain
Lady Mairghread Wilson Knight Marshal, Youth Marshal, Armored Champion, Heavy fighting, Rapier fighting, Youth fighting, Live weapons, Cooking, Stitching, Painting
Lady Majda Anwar
Sir Mandin Leon
Mistress Mara Palmer Live Weapons Marshal, Archery Champion, Calligraphy, Archery
Lady Maren Andersdatter Book binding
Mistress Margavati Bai 15th-16th c Rajasthan (north India), Non-European history, culture and costuming; Bookbinding (specifically Eastern paper-based forms, such as Islamic and Chinese structures); Indian culture, costume and dance; research
Mistress Marianna Cristina Tirado de Aragon Period Feasts
The Honorable Lord Mark de Wytteney Seneschal, 14th-15th Century England, armored combat, armoring, calligraphy, bardic, rapier combat
Master Mathias Blackett Heraldry, Singing, Heavy fighting
Mistress Molli Rose Kekilpenny Late Period English, Fiber Arts
Sir Morgan Ironheart Heavy fighting, Rapier fencing
Lady Morganna Bellachose
Lady Myndee of South Downs Minister of Children, 16th Century France & Italy, Archery, Rapier, Research Courtesans, Costuming, Woodworking, Glasswork, Scribal, Oils
Lord Nikon Dawidowicz
Master Nikoslav Mikolaevich Rapier fencing, Sami bread
Mistress Peryn Rose Whitehorse Costuming, Horseback riding, Hounds
Baron Piers Simmons Rapier fencing, Heavy fighting, archery
Captain Pietro di Conti Webminister, Rapier Champion, Embroidery
Mistress Porcia Secunda Costuming, Embroidery
Lord Quintus Valerius Gracchus Heavy fighting
Lady Racheal McFinney
The Honorable Lord Randalín in kyrra
Rannulf of Arrow’s Keep Norman 9&10th century, Archery, Armored Combat, Equestrian, Rapier, Capturing Events in Photography
Lady Raven Helmsplitter Chronicler, Rapier fencing
Lady Rebekah Zsido
Baroness Rhiannon verch Madyn 8th-11th c British/Welsh & Byzantine, Costuming, Embroidery, Herbology
Honorable Lady Rhonwyn alyna nic an Chrosain
Baron Robert Throckmorton Heavy fighting
Lady Roisin McAlister Deputy Chatelaine (Gold Key), 14th-16th century Ireland/Scotland, Embroidery, Costuming
Lady Ruqayah al-Zarqa Moorish Spain, Tudor England, Ottoman Empire, Viking (Denmark), Calligraphy, Illumination, Costuming, Millinery
Lady Sable of South Downs
Lady Safa
Lady Sefa Mjøksiglandi Illumination
Mistress Serafina Alamanni 15th c Italian, Tablet Weaving, Wire Weaving, Costuming
Lady Siobhan O’Dunvegan
Lady Stella di Silvestri Korean Culture, Italian Culture, Metal Casting, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, Jewelry, Cordmaking
The Honorable Lord Stephen of Forth Castle
Mistress Sunneva de Cleia Baroness of South Downs, 12th century England and France, 16th century England, Archery, Costuming, Calligraphy and Illumination
Lady Svala Thorfinnsdottir
Lady Tryggva Ingvarsdóttir
Lord Ulric of Wolfhaven
Lady Veronica da Lucca Calligraphy, sketching, painting, gilding, sewing
The Honorable Lady Wenyeva atte grene 14th C English, Onomastics (names), Heraldry, Culinary history, Language, Just about everything
Viscount William Colquitt Norman England, 1066 – 1119, Armored Combat, Costuming, History & Culture, Performing Arts
Master Wistric Oftun Baron of South Downs, Rapier fencing, Finger loop braiding
Sir Wulfric Peverel
Master Ximon Martillo de Cordoba Deputy Quartermaster, 1560-1600 Spain, Rapier fencing, Service, Repurposing modern items for SCA use
Lady Ysabella Lucia Tirado de Aragon
Lady Zeliha bint Sayyid
Lady Zhelana Vovkivna Deputy Webminister Kyivan Rus, Khazars, Jewish diaspora, Archery/Thrown Weapons, Armored Combat, Rapier fighting, recorder music, kumihimo, costuming, pysanky, European dance
Lady Zoe Tagarina Costuming

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