Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya
Mentor to Lady Zoe Tagaris

Last active: 2018

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Red Raven (10/4/2014)
Guiding Hand (7/17/2010)
Heart of South Downs (2008)
Golden Gryphon’s Heart (9/13/2003)
Laurel (6/14/2003)
Gryphon’s Eye (2/14/2003)
Laboring Artists Recognition (Company of Loch Salann, 2/14/2003)
Court Barony (6/8/2002)
Flower (1/8/2000)
Argent Hart (12/5/1998)
Dreamstone (Bryn Madoc, 5/11/1996)
Meridian Cross (2/25/1995)
Award of Arms (4/30/1994)
Tower Argent

Middle eastern costuming
Middle eastern dance

Classes taught
Persian Dance
Instant Gratification Embroidery or How to design projects that don’t make you cry

Current projects
Caftan project