Lorenzo Petrucci

Master Lorenzo Petrucci
Mentor of Agnes Halydaye
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Last updated: 2019

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Azure, on a fess argent between five annulets three and two Or, four chess rooks gules.

Court Barony (2/9/2019)
Undine (Atlantia, 10/17/2015)
Argent Lily (Coronation – Last Court of Kenneth and Sabine, 4/11/2015)
Territorial Barony (10/4/2014-2/9/2019)
Red Raven (South Downs, 10/5/2013)
Meridian Majesty (4/6/2013)
Sovereign’s Pleasure (4/14/2012)
Poet Laureate (12/5/2009)
Laurel (9/26/2009)
South Downs Chivalry Award (2007)
Argent Slipper (9/16/2006)
Velvet Owl (6/3/2006)
Dreamstone (Bryn Madoc, 5/10/1996)
Meridian Cross (2/24/1995)
Award of Arms (4/28/1995)
Tower Or (South Downs)
Tower Argent (South Downs)

15th-16th C Italy, archery, armored combat, dance, costuming, crafting

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Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA