Mark de Wytteney

Photo courtesy Images by George

The Honorable Lord Mark de Wytteney
Seneschal of South Downs
Formerly known as Sebastiano Francisco de Valencia

Last updated: 2019
Mark’s facebook page
Phone: (478) 919-4951
Email: woegman AT gmail DOT com

Gyronney vert and argent, on a chief sable three polypuses argent.

Argent Shield (Castle Wars, 11/17/2018)
Grant of Arms (Castle Wars, 11/17/2018)
Chivalry Award (Red Tower, 10/6/2018)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs) (Red Tower, 10/6/2018)
Argent Comet (Spring Crown List, 5/27/2018)
Falcon’s Faith (Midwinter A&S, 2/3/2018)
Bard (11/19/2016)
Guiding Hand (6/14/2014)
Poet Laureate (5/5/2007)
Award of Arms (7/19/2003)

14th-15th Century England, armored combat, armoring, calligraphy, bardic, rapier combat

Classes taught
Intro Calligraphy, Intro Armouring, Newcomer’s classes

Current projects
Learning to sew, working on a rapier kit

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA