Piers Simmons

Photo courtesy Images by George

Baron Piers Simmons
Protege to Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross
Scholar to Master Mikolaj Pilypaitis
Last updated: 2020

Piers’ Facebook profile
Email: twarsmith AT gmail DOT com

Piers Device
Sable, on a mullet of six points Or a dragon statant gules, in canton two rapiers inverted in saltire, an orle Or.

Pronouns: he/his

Queen’s Rapier Champion (Online, 07/19/2020)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs) (Red Tower, 10/5/2019)
Court Barony (Gulf Wars, 3/14/2019)
Bough (Menhir, 1/19/2019)
Grant of Arms (Spring Coronation, 4/7/2018)
Falcon’s Faith (South Downs) (Castle Wars, 11/18/2017)
Sable Gryphon (Thor’s Mountain) (Vor’s May Academy, 5/7/2016)
Silver Heart (Thor’s Mountain) (10/18/2014)
Argent Comet (4/12/2014)
Argent Rapier (8/24/2013)
Award of Arms (10/27/2012)
Ram’s Horn for Service (Thor’s Mountain)
Ram’s Horn for Fighting (Thor’s Mountain)

Rapier fencing
Heavy fighting
16th Century England

Classes taught
Rapier 101

Current projects
Studying Master George Silver07/19/2020

Medieval Recreation in Atlanta, GA