Pietro di Conti

Photo courtesy Images by George

Captain Pietro di Conti
Baronial Rapier Champion
Scholar to Master Wistric Oftun

Last updated: 2019

Azure, a bend cotised between two coneys sejant argent.

Meridian Order of the Blade (Meridian Challenge of Arms, 2/23/2019)
Falcon’s Faith (South Downs, Midwinter A&S, 2/9/2019)
Argent Rapier (Castle Wars, 11/18/2017)
Kestrel’s Talon (South Downs, 10/7/2017)
Baronial Rapier Champion (South Downs, 3/26/2017)
Award of Arms (Castle Wars, 11/19/2016)
Tower Gules (South Downs, 10/1/2016)
Meridian Cross (Royal University of Meridies, 7/16/2016)

16th Century Venice
Rapier fencing
Blackwork Embroidery
Map Making
Renaissance economics
Tablet weaving

Classes taught

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Learning tablet weaving
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