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Castle Wars 2018 (South Downs)

November 15, 2018 - November 18, 2018

This event is in the past!

The Barony of South Downs presents

War of the Roses image

Al Sihah Shrine Temple
222 Mecca Dr
Macon, GA 31206

Have you made your choice yet? Does the Red Rose of Lancaster inspire you? Or is it the White Rose of York which makes your heart beat a little faster?

Come watch history in the making as the final outcome of the War of the Roses is decided. This year Castle Wars will have war points! Here is how it will work: 1 point will be awarded each for heavy fighting, rapier, live weapons, A&S and populace vote. Help lead your house to victory!

This is the event you don’t want to miss! The marshals have outdone themselves with the battle scenarios. There is going to be a scribal challenge and an epic bardic poetry slam. Her Majesty has graciously chosen Castle Wars to host the Rose Ball. And the event wouldn’t be complete without an awesome revel. For those of you who enjoyed the God’s Quest at Red Tower, we will be having a fun activity good for all ages, as well.

Site opens at 5pm Thursday and closes 10am Sunday.

Note: Equestrian activities have been canceled.


No feast W/ feast
Adult Weekend $20 $30
Adult Non-Member Weekend $25 $35
Adult Daytrip $10 $20
Adult Non-Member Daytrip $15 $25
Kids Weekend 0 $10

Online preregistration via PayPal was available until Nov 5. It is now closed.

Send snail mail preregistrations to:

The Honorable Lord Lucien d’Artois
(mka David Paradise)
4499 Hunters Way
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be postmarked or emailed to the reservationist or baronial exchequer within 24 hours of the close of the event. Refunds will not be issued at the event.

Land Map

Land Map as of 11/15/2018.
Click to enlarge!

Overall Schedule

Please see individual sections below for more detailed schedules for martial and A&S activities.

5:00pm Site Opens/Troll Opens
11:00pm Troll Closes
will stay open later if needed
8:00am Troll Opens
5:00pm (ish) Vigil begins for Finnvarthr
At Their Majesties’ pleasure
Bloody Ridge camp
6:00pm Travelers Fare
1:00am Troll Closes
7:00am Troll Opens
7:30am Breakfast begins
Main Hall
9:00 Field opens
Inspections and authorizations
10:00 Heralds Point Opens
Main hall, closes at 2 pm
Noon Vigil for Davio begins
Field side
Noon Fundraiser Lunch
Main Hall
1:00pm Troll Closes
2:00 Rose Quest
Child friendly activity, Main Hall
4:30 Poetry Slam
Main Hall
5:00 Field Closes
5:30 Court
at Their Majesties’ pleasure
7:30 Feast
Main Hall
9:00 Rose Ball
Main Hall
10:30 Revel
Count Sinclair’s Tavern
IDs will be checked
10:00am Site Closes


Did you say you wanted a yummy feast? Well, let me assure you we will have that too! The feast is a “Hunter’s Feast” and will include wild game. There are 5 courses and the tentative menu is as follows:

Appetizer bread, cheese, honey butter, homemade apple butter, plain butter, fruit
Venison remove roasted venison, small Shepard’s pie, and backstraps or steaks, roasted parsnips, carrots and potatoes
Wild Boar Remove Sausage & Lentil stew, pork chops, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, Yams, green beans
Turkey remove turkey, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce
Dessert remove Apple and Pear Tarts, homemade whip cream


From all points north: get on I-75 South. Take exit 160B toward US-41/GA-247. Continue on Rocky Creek Rd. Turn left on Jennifer Dr. Turn right on Mecca Dr. Turn left on Oasis Dr.

From all points south: take I-75 North. Take exit 160 toward US-41/GA-247/Pio Nono Ave. Turn left on Pio Nono. Turn left on Rocky Creek. Turn left on Jennifer Dr. Turn right on Mecca Dr. Turn left on Oasis Dr.

From Savannah: take I-16 West. Take left exit toward Valdosta onto I-75 South. Follow directions above from all points north. From Montgomery, AL, take I-85 North. Take exit 62 toward Phenix City. Turn left and take ramp onto US-80 toward 185/Columbus. Turn left onto Peach Pkwy (GA-49). Turn left and take ramp onto I-75 N. Follow directions above from all points south.

Class Schedule!

The following classes have been registered for Castle Wars! Class descriptions can be found here.

Kingdom Award Regalia 101
Jessica of Osprey
Making Thread Wrapped Basket-Woven Buttons
Alisandre de la Chapelle
Size limit 8 (observers welcome)
Under 16 not allowed
Internal Alchemy: The Toa and Qigong
Bu Feiyan
No age limit
Period Firearms Demo
Joachim Heironimus vom Innsbruck and House Moultania
Bobbin Lacemaking
Dianora di Cellini
Size limit 6 (observers welcome)
Under 16 not allowed
$10 fee for kit
Mayaincatech: Dispelling the myth
Annelise Wolf
Fascinating Fans
Dianora di Cellini
Size limit 10 (observers welcome)
Under 12 not allowed
$5 fee for kit
Newcomers Camp
Beginning Blackwork
Fiora Valori
Under 12 not allowed
Size limit 15
Newcomers Camp
Beginning Viking Wire Weaving
Fiora Valori
Under 12 not allowed
Size limit 15
Newcomers Camp
Demystifying Protocol and Precedence
Lady Sophia de Subligny
Courtesans Salon
Internal Alchemy the adult side
Bu Feiyan
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Eastern Courtesans 101
Lady Dagfinn Sveinsdóttir
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
The Korean Courtesan: The Kisaeng
Lady Dagfinn Sveinsdóttir
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Shirabyōshi Dancing Girls
Lady Dagfinn Sveinsdóttir
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in the current Middle Ages
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Flirting 101
Katherine of Gaunt
Under 16 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Doth they say yes
Hrafn and Sophia da Vinci
Under 18 not allowed
Courtesans Salon
Courtesans of Meridies (Unofficial) Guild Meeting
Signora Justina di Silvestri
Under 18 not allowed

What will happen to you in the War of the Roses?

Click here to find out your fate in the War of the Roses!


Get your official Castle Wars house banners here!


The following merchants will be at Castle Wars:

  • Wetterworks leather
  • An All Spiritual Place
  • Green Mountain Leathercraft
  • Linsey Woolsey
  • Alworthy’s Forge, Esq.
  • Lillarose & Rustic Rose
  • Góðan Daginn
  • Nerdlife 53
  • Jadi’s Silk Road
  • Cubby’s Den
  • Known World Enterprises
  • Stormbringer’s Treasure
  • JMS Woodworking
  • Fire Horse Pottery
  • Fiber Arts Fascination
  • Two Baronesses
  • Owl’s Nest Yard Sale
  • Cocktail Hats & Hoods
  • Callaway Murphy Enterprises
  • House Excelsior White Elephant Sale
  • Ironhawk Forge
  • House of the Sleeping Dragon
  • Kerstyn’s Zeramica
  • Chain Reaction Archery

Merchant registration is now closed.

Courtesan Salon

Click to enlarge!

Rapier Schedule

After Dark Friday Night Alley Brawl
A night-time throwdown, fencer style. Bad lighting, no room to maneuver, to the death.
6-8 ft tall walls, 12-16 ft long alley, 1 or 2 people wide.
Bring your rotellas and longswords-of-unusual-size, your cloaks and daggers, for a rapier and C&T showdown. 2 fighters enter, 1 fighter ends up going through the others’ pockets looking for loose change. Or more than two, depending on the whim of the marshal and fighters.
Show up for some close-quarters, night time combat, as singles and melee. Send your preferred entry music selection and nom-de-fight to the Rapier Marshal in Charge, or else they will be assigned to you with extremely poor judgment.
9:00 am Field opens for inspections and authorizations
Those wishing to authorize must sign in before 10am.
9:30 – 11:00 Feat of Arms of Zuiryu no Ariyajoti
A recent immigrant to Meridies, Zuiryu No Ariyajoti ( known as “Z”), by leave of their Majesties shall hold the field at this time. Welcome him to the kingdom and test his skill when you’re not participating in the champions bearpit (see below).
10:00 – 11:00 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions Tournament
A bearpit tournament to determine who shall stand champion for His Majesty and Her Majesty.
His Majesty’s champion shall be the overall winner.
Her Majesty’s champion shall be the fighter who displays the most elegance and grace.
11:00 – 12:00 Meridian Order of the Blade Invitational Tournament
The Captains of Meridies have each invited one non-scarf fighter to take part in this tournament in a display of the prowess, honor, and courtesy that exemplify the best of Meridian rapier fighting.
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch
Fuel up for the melees to come
12:30 – 1:00 Champions Showdown
4 rapier champs and 4 heavy champs from each side, with a “diamond tourney” showdown between the commanders
1:00 – 1:30 Castle Battle
Cross bridges and crawl through moats to storm the walls of a castle. 2 limited-rez battles, winner is shortest time to attack.
1:30 – 2:00 Field Battle
Winner is the army with the last fighter standing. Then we’ll switch ends and do it again.
2:00 – 2:30 Town Battle
Team Fortress-style capture the flag. 10 minute halves, switching sides between halves. Winner is the army that captures the flag the most times.
2:30 – 4:00 Woods Battle
A 1hr rez battle for control of flags/rez points (if your color is up, you can rez at the flag) scattered in and around the woods.
Broken into 30 minute halves with a reset in between.
4:00 – 4:30 Group Marshal Meeting
KRM and DKRM will meet with group marshals. Field will be open for pickups.
5:00 Field closed

*Note: For each melee scenario, if time is left we will have one “friendship” battle using the experimental Ansteorran spears. If even more time is left, we’ll have scarves and/or MODs vs. world
**Schedule subject to change

Rattan Combat Schedule


10:30 – 11:00 AM
Battle #1 First Battle of St. Albans (22 May, 1455)
This battle will be a standard open field battle, with no resurrections. Combat archery will be included. This battle will be fought to the last participant. After each battle the number of survivors from the winning house will be counted. This scenario will be fought 3 times with the sides switching ends between each engagement. The House who has the most survivors after all three battles will be declared the winner.

11:10 – 11:30 AM
Battle #2 Battle of Northampton (10 July, 1460)
This battle will be a 20 minute unlimited resurrection town battle. There will be three flags that must be held up by your side in order to get a scenario point. Points will be checked every five minutes. After the last flag check, the battle will be fought to the last participant, last person standing. The side that last holds the field will get 1 scenario point. A number of fighters (to be selected based on turnout) will switch sides at the 10 minute point. The House with the most points, at the end of the scenario, will be declared the winner.

11:45 – 12:15
Champions Battles (Tourney Format)
Each general will pick 5 champions. These champions will consist of the following:
• 1 Royal Peer
• 2 Bestowed Peers
• 2 Unbelted Fighters
The format to be decided by the combatants. Most round victories will be declared the winner.

12:30 – 1:00 PM
Battle #3 Battle of Wakefield (12 December, 1460)
This battle will be a fort battle. The attackers will have unlimited resurrections while the defenders will have 3 resurrections (4 lives total). A side sally port will be opened after 5 minutes. These battles will be timed. The House that takes the fort quickest will be declared the winner.

1:15 – 1:45 PM
Battle #4 Battle of Ferrybridge (28 March, 1461)
This battle will be a bridge battle. There will be a bridge that everyone can fight normally on. There will be a second “bridge” that represents a ford. Only peers, (Any time of peer) may cross this bridge standing. All others must knee walk across the bridge. This represents the nobles having horses. This battle will be run 3 times, fighting to the last fighter. The number of survivors will be counted after each battle. The House with the most survivors after three battles will be declared the winner.

2:00 – 2:30 PM
Battle #5 Battle of Bosworth Field (22 August 1485)
30 minute unlimited resurrection battle. Just for fun. We will reset if one side is overwhelmed.

2:30 – 5:00 PM
Field Open for Pickups

Live Weapons Schedule


*Range will be open for 20/30/40 targets & RRs upon request once Thrown & Archery ranges are set up until dark (or loss of interest), possibly the Fun Targets if I’ve finished them*

Inspections & open shooting on 20/30/40 targets

War Point rules

War Point shoots*, Royal Rounds, and Fun Targets
*You ARE allowed to practice on the War Point targets before you declare, but once you are ready to shoot for score, you must declare that this is your WP shoot.

Range open, but only for fun (WP closes at 5pm)


*Range will be open once Thrown and Archery ranges are set up.*

War Point – Who Has the Bigger Army?; Weapons Master Throws; Open Range

Inspections, open range, Weapons Master

War Point Rules

War Point – Know Your Enemy; War Point – Arrow to the Knee, Spear to the Face; Practice; Weapons Master
12pm-1pm Range will be closed for lunch. If there is no marshal at the thrown range, do not throw anything.

The Live Weapons War Point will be a mix of both Archery and Thrown Weapons. There will be 2 Archery WP activities, 2 Thrown WP activities, and 1 Archery/Thrown combined activity. Each one of these scores differently, but can be won by either Lancaster or York. The team that takes the most WP activities wins the Live Weapons War Point. For each activity, you must declare who you are fighting for, the Red Rose of Lancaster or the White Rose of York, before beginning the activity.

1. Practice Makes Perfect (Archery): There were laws in effect during the War of the Roses that commanded that all should own bows and practice daily, sometimes under hefty penalties. To gain a point in this activity, you must complete 2 Royal Rounds. The side with the most completed pairs of Royals Rounds wins this activity.

2. Sharp Eye, Steady Hand (Archery): This is an exercise in accuracy. The target is checkered with both Red and White roses. You must hit your enemy (the rose color you are NOT declaring for) WITHOUT hitting your allies. It is a simple +1 for enemy, -1 for ally; double-ups count. The total points for York and Lancaster will be added up, and whichever side has the most points wins this activity.

3. Who Has the Bigger Army? (Thrown): This activity is Friday Only. This is a point-grab throw. The target is Norman (weapons master target) with 2 circles within Norman. Participants will throw 6 of each weapon at the target. Sticks within Norman are 1 point. Sticks within the larger circle are 2 points. Sticks within the smaller circle are 3 points. Points will be totaled for each side and the side with the most points wins the activity.

4. Know Your Enemy (Thrown): This activity is Saturday Only. Now that you have your army, you must attack your enemy. The target face will have a random array of roses attached to it. The object is to hit the roses of your enemies while avoiding your own rose and the rose of the Tudors. Participants get 18 throws split evenly amongst at least 2 different weapons (i.e. 9 throws with knife and 9 throws with spear). If you chose to use all 3 weapons, it’s 6 throws of each. Hits to your enemies rose are 1 point. Hits to your rose are -1 points. Hits to the Tudor Rose are -2 points. Double-ups count. Points will be tallied and the side with the most point wins this activity.

5. Arrow to the Knee, Spear to the Face (Archery & Thrown): A common battle tactic was to have the archers volley so the spearmen could move in for the kill. An archer and spear thrower must pair up for this activity (and must declare for the same side). First, the archer will do a clout shoot with 3 arrows at an unknown distance; the arrow must make it within the circle to progress. If any of the 3 arrows makes it inside the circle, then their spear thrower is then allowed to go to the Thrown Weapons range for the “kill shot”. They get 3 throws to hit the soldier (anywhere on his body counts). This is a pass/fail activity. The side with the most passes wins this activity. You may be compete twice, once as an archer and once as a thrower.




November 15, 2018
November 18, 2018


Barony of South Downs


Al Sihah Shrine Temple
222 Mecca Dr
Macon, GA 31206 United States
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