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Red Tower 2019

October 5, 2019

Enter the Labyrinth!


Camp Rutledge, Hard Labor Creek State Park
5 Hard Labor Creek Rd
Rutledge, GA 30663

Please join The Barony of South Downs this October 4th-6th for Red Tower 2019: The Return of the Goblin King!

He’s back again! This time, The Goblin King has stolen the baronial babe and turned Red Tower into his Goblin City. Join him, as a denizen of the city, or Their Excellencies in a quest to save His Tinyness.

There is sure to be fighting, feasting, and fun on this magical quest!


Adult Weekend Cabin $25
Adult Daytrip $20
Kids 17 and Under Free
Member Discount $5 off
Feast $8

PayPal registration

PayPal registration is open here until 9/23/2019!

Snail-Mail registration

Mistress Alessandra Fioravanti, MKA Meg Duffy Vaughn
4505 Forrest Green Drive
Sugar Hill, Ga 30518
A.G.Fioravanti.OL AT gmail DOT com
(470) 266-6576
No call before 9am or after 10pm

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of South Downs All requests for refunds
must be postmarked or emailed to the reservationist or baronial exchequer within 24 hours of the close of the event. Refunds will not be issued at the event.


Friday 4th
Troll opens 5pm Main Hall
Travelers’ Fare 5pm Main Hall
Pietro di Vatavia Vigil Friday Evening Outside of Main Hall
Friday Night Fight:
Goblin Gatekeepers
8pm Outside of Main Hall
Troll closes 11pm
Saturday 5th
Troll opens 7am
A&S Labyrinth Competition Set-up 7-10am Main Hall
Breakfast 8:30 am Main Hall
Scriptorum 9 am to 4pm Sciptorum Pavillion
Fighting Field – inspections 9am Fighting Field
Welcome Court 10 am Fieldside
A&S Labyrinth Competition 10am-4pm Main Hall
Largess Competition 10am-4pm Main Hall
Fundraiser Lunch 12pm Fundraiser Pavilion
Newcomers Tea 1pm Baronial Pavilion Fieldside
Female and Gender Nonconforming Combatants: Part III
Choose Your Own Adventure
Taught by TH Lykania
1pm Main Hall
Embroidery for Absolute Beginners
Taught by Danielle De Lyon
2pm Main Hall
Troll closes 3pm
Fighting Field Closes 4pm
Main Hall Closes for setup 4pm
Court At Their Highness’ Pleasure Outside the Main Hall
Feast 7pm Main Hall
Revel To follow feast
Sunday 6th
Breakfast 8:30 am Main Hall
Site Closes 11am

Goblin Kings Feast

1st Course:
‘Ello, ‘ave a cuppa tea
‘ello Bread (Bread and Rolls)
Toby’s Magic Milk (Hot Aromatic Honeyed Milk)
2nd Course:
Chilly Down & The Bog
Helping Hand Meat Pies
Didymus Beans (Fava Beans)
Ludo’s Rock Friends (Garlic Mushrooms)
3rd Course:
As the World Falls Down
Grilled Chicken Legs
Honeyed Carrots
Ambrosius’ Ambrosia (Sauteed Spinach)
Jareth’s Figgy Forgetful Peaches
4th Course:
Goblin Battle &
Thirteen O’Clock
Goblin Sausages (Turkey Sausages)
Cauliflower w/ Tahini-Walnut Sauce
Sauteed Aphrodisiac Greens
Drinks A Variety of Teas and Juices

The chefs reserve the right to make changes to the menu, as needed.

Instructor sign up for classes

Interested in teaching at Red Tower? We’d love to have you!
Red Tower 2019 class submission form

Site rules

  • This is a cabin only event.
    Overnight tents, RV’s, truck campers will not be allowed.
    Less stuff for you to pack. Just come and enjoy!

  • We love your pets, but unfortunately are only able to accommodate service animals for this event. Thank you for understanding!

A&S Competition

The labyrinth of Chartres is one of the most iconic labyrinths in history, and is the theme of the Arts & Sciences competition at Red Tower.

Make a labyrinth of Chartres subtlety, embroider it, burn it on wood, paint it on silk, etch it on glass. The possibilities are endless!

All entries are welcome. We will have 2 winners:

  1. Baronial A&S Champion chosen by Her Excellency South Downs from entries by members of South Downs
  2. populace choice chosen from all entries

Please come prepared to provide a written answer to the following questions:

  • Your name:
  • What SCA shire/Barony are you a part of?
  • What is it?
  • What is it made out of?
  • What time period and culture is the item?
  • How would it be used in period?

Heavy Fighting Schedule

0900 Armor inspection
1000 Red Tower Tourney
Double Elimination tourney.
1200ish Lunch
1300ish Baroness Prize/Baronial Championship Tourney
Bear pit – timed.

Rapier Schedule

9am onwards Armor inspection
930am-10am: Duel of Ludo and Didymus (Early Bird tourney)
Single elimination tourney – limited to those inspected and ready at 930
Fighting style: sword & soft parry (a toy Ludo and a toy Didymus will be provided to be used as soft parry)
10am-noonish: Baron’s Prize Tourney
Triple elimination with progressive weapons tourney (to be adjusted if turnout is high)
Fighting style: all fighters start with single sword. After 1 loss you may fight sword and defensive secondary. After 2 losses you may fight sword and offensive secondary.
The tourney winner will be awarded the Baron’s Prize.
South Downs rapier fighters may opt-in for the Baronial Championship. The highest placing such fighter will become Baronial Rapier Champion.
1pm-3ish: Red Tower Tourney
Double elimination tourney
Fighting style: any authorized heavy rapier style
The tourney winner will be awarded the title and regalia of Red Tower Champion for 1 year.
3pm-330pm: “Give me the child” Bear Pit
Bear pit tourney, 30 minute duration.
Fighting style: the person defending the bear pit must fight with single sword and carry a baby doll in one arm. (A doll will be provided.) Attackers may use any authorized heavy rapier style. Dropping the baby (including losing an arm), parrying with the baby, or otherwise harming the baby in any way is a loss for the defender. Striking the baby is a double loss for both attacker and defender.
The tourney winner will have an effect on the baronial baby event storyline.
330pm-4pm: Rapier Combat Class
Small Team Warfare, taught by the Ronin.
Instruction followed by practical exercise.

Thrown Weapons Schedule

Setup starts when the Marshals get to site.
IF the range gets set up before dark, the range will be open until dark for practice and other shenanigans
9am Inspections
9:30am Instructions
10am – 4(ish)pm Novelty Throws, Weapons Master & TWIC quals
4(ish)pm Range closes for court (will adjust depending on court start time)

There will be at least 2 novelty throws (possibly more once we figure out how many targets we’ll have). The two planned are Don’t Lose Your Head and Save Ludo. Don’t Lose Your Head: Protect Sarah from the Fireys. The goal is to hit the fireys on the target and not Sarah. Save Ludo: Save Ludo from Jareth’s Guards. Still working on this one. It will either be similar to Don’t Lose Your Head but with different pictures or it will be a rock throw with a hanging stuffed Ludo and helmets on sticks.

There will also be one target set aside for both Weapons Master and TWIC qualifications. Participants may declare twice for WM and once for TWIC, but practice as much as time allows. They must declare before their counting throw. There is no age requirement for either throw.

Archery Schedule

Setup starts when the Marshals get to site.
IF the range gets set up before dark, the range will be open until dark to practice on the novelty shoots and other shenanigans
9am Early Bird Tourney
Mathias’s Marshal Shoot: Fire at Will!!!
10am – 3:30(ish)pm Labyrinth Novelty Shoots & SD LW Champion*
3:30(ish)pm – 4(ish)pm Shoot #8 & 9 of the Labyrinth Novelty Shoots**
4(ish)pm Range closes for court (will adjust depending on court start time)

*The Labyrinth Novelty Shoots will be used to determine the new Baronial Archery Champion. Anyone who lives in the Barony and can stand as Their Excellencies’ Champion can ask to be put in the running for the Championship. The person who elects to compete for the Championship who has the highest score of those who also elected to compete for the Championship, will become the new South Downs Archery Champion.
**The last 30 minutes of the range being open will be fore the eigth & ninth novelty shoot. The rest of the Archery range will be closed down during this time.
***Another note, as seems to always be the case when I’m doing novelty shoots, there will not be any space for RRs on Saturday. If that’s something folks want for Friday, we can try to squeeze it in Friday evening but no promises.

There will be Nine shoots in the Labyrinth Novelty Shoot. You will Help Hoggle Kill Fairies, Find the Worm, Rescue Ludo, Knock on the Door, Escape the Fire Gang, Cross the Bog of Eternal Stench, Battle through the Goblin City, Storm the Castle, and Defeat the Goblin King. For a few of these shoots, you can earn allies to help you in your fight to Defeat the Goblin King! For all of these shoots you will not need more than 6 arrows. You may practice as many times as you want, but must formally declare you are shooting for points when you are ready to. Only folks who have completed shoots #1-7 will be allowed to proceed to #8, and only those who successfully Storm the Castle will be allowed to try to Defeat the Goblin King! Because that is how the Mara do.

Staff List

Autocrats: Justina Di Silvestri (JustinaDiSilvestri AT gmail DOT com) And Isabella Parr (IsabellaParrSCA AT gmail DOT com)
Feastcrat: Ysabel du Val and Ellerete Duboy
Reservations: Alessandra Giovanna Fioravanti


October 5, 2019


Barony of South Downs


Hard Labor Creek State Park
5 Hard Labor Creek Rd
Rutledge, GA 30663 United States
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