Keeping any organization together is a lot of work. Each group within the SCA must be able to maintain proper functioning of the group. To this end each group designates officers to take charge of specific areas of responsibility. These officers serve at an administrative level. Within the Barony of the South Downs (and the Society for Creative Anachronism as a whole), individual members volunteer their time and talents as officers to help make things happen for everyone.

Baron and Baroness
Feudal and SCA heads of the Barony

Serves as administrative head and legal representative

Reeve (Exchequer)
Serves as treasurer (tracks the money)

Handles fighting activities. The Rapier Marshal specifically handles fencing.

Arts and Sciences Officer
Fosters the Arts and Sciences (including educational classes)

Registers devices and arms for members in the SCA, announces events

Creates the Baronial newsletter

Chatelaine (Hospitaler)
Assists newcomers and visitors

Minister of Children
Plans children’s activities

Handles Baronial property and storage.

Maintains website