SCA table at Dragoncon

Dragoncon 160902 With Sunneva de Cleia. Courtesy Stella.

At Dragoncon

Dragoncon 160901 Photo borrowed from Stella’s Facebook – photographer unknown

5th Wednesday Social

At the in-garb 5th Wednesday social! (Thanks Bjorn for the photos!)

Social 160831L

Social 160831R

Tuesday practice

Ximon and Wistric 160830 Ximon Martillo de Cordoba (left) vs Wistric Oftun (right)

Castle Wars Pre-Registration


From the Autocrat, Wistric Oftun:

We are now accepting pre-regs for Castle Wars 2016.

Fore more information, visit the Castle Wars 2016 site!

Tourney of the Foxes

Congrats to Nikoslav Mikolaevich, winner of the Meridian Order of the Blade invitational tournament at Tourney of the Foxes!

Nik vs Nic 160828

More Dragoncon info

From Stella:

All right, it’s Dragon*Con week! Finally got most of the info we’ll need!

We’re placed in the Historical section (51) of the parade and will be staging there.

I’ll be down Thursday night and will pick up the wristbands when I get my badge. I’ll be at the fan table Friday so swing by to pick up your wristband. It’ll be first come first serve, so please pick it up early. I’ll also bring them to the shuttle stop, and boarding one of the last shuttles over.


STAGING LOCATION: North Avenue Presbyterian Church at the intersection of
Peachtree Street NE and North Avenue. The address is 607 Peachtree Street NE.

Please arrive from 9-9:30 am and be in place by 9:45 am. The parade will be televised so look your best

There will be a shuttle running from the Marriott from 7-9:30 to the staging area. Any shuttle after 9:30 will be late.


The CW Atlanta and DCTV are broadcasting us live! Be yourself, do what you’ve always done that makes the parade so incredible. THE CW CAMERA POSITION AND ‘BROADCAST BOOTH’ IS NOT A PERFORMANCE STOP. Please keep moving.

Attached is the shuttle map and our spot in staging. They’re going to send another email for vehicles, or chariot in our case.



Dragoncon Parade FAQ

Thanks to Majda for gathering this info!


Our Parade Check In Table will be in the Sheraton, lower level across from the Georgia Hall or near by it. Thursday, 10AM-10PM and Friday 9:30AM-8’ish PM. On Friday, if table traffic is heavy in the evening, we’ll probably extend until 9PM. GROUP LEADS will pick up wristbands for their entire group. (If you are a member of a registered group, we will not have your name in the database so remember to coordinate with your lead to get your wristband.) [Ed. note: Stella has said she will pick these up.]

Registered INDIVIDUALS should pick up their own wristbands.

You can send a designated representative to pick up the wristbands and we’d appreciate a heads up if that’s the case.

Please let me know ASAP if you will not be onsite to pick up on Thursday or Friday and do not have someone who can pick up in your stead. Send me an email to dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)org. Do not reply on this thread if you will not be onsite Thursday or Friday.


Staging will take place from 7:30AM-9:45AM, Saturday morning in the North Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot/garage located at 607 Peachtree Street.

Participants will be staged in line up order in the parking lot/garage. Vehicles, with a few exceptions, will be staged on Peachtree Street in the block between Linden Avenue and North Avenue. Those few exceptions will be staged in the parking lot/garage with the appropriate group/section.

You will be getting a map that lays out the ‘approximate’ location of your parade section in the parking lot/garage. Vehicle owners/drivers will be sent an email with more specific instructions about when to arrive and where you;ll be staged, etc.

There are two entry points into the parking lot/garage – one on Peachtree and one on Courtland. BADGES AND WRISTBANDS ARE REQUIRED TO GET INTO STAGING. VEHICLES WILL GET A DASHBOARD SIGN THAT MUST BE DISPLAYED WHEN YOU ARRIVE.

Parade team members and volunteers will be there to assist you getting in place and ready to roll.


1) Walking from the host hotel area – staging is approximately 8 blocks NORTH on Peachtree from the Hyatt Regency’s front door. It’s about 9 blocks NORTH on Courtland from the Marriott/Hilton.

2) MARTA – the North Avenue Station is a block from staging. Exit the station and walk one block on North Ave to Peachtree. There we are.

3) Parade Participant Shuttle – runs from 7AM-9:30AM with one pick up at the Marriott (Courtland side) and one drop off at staging. Other DC shuttles can get you to staging on Saturday morning but there may be other stops on the way so plan your timing accordingly. DO NOT TAKE ANY SHUTTLE THAT LEAVES THE MARRIOTT AFTER THE SCHEDULED 9:30AM PICK UP. DO NOT. YOU WILL NOT GET TO STAGING ON TIME.

4) Driving – use your GPS but note that we do not supply parking (you’re on your own) and your car will not be conveniently located to the end of the route.

5) Uber, Lyft, taxi and the like. Call them and they will get you there.


1. You MUST be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Convention badges must be worn and visible on parade morning along with parade participant wristbands.

2. Advertising and/or promotion of any type of commercial entities is strictly prohibited in the parade unless approved by Dragon Con Senior Management prior to the parade. A sponsorship agreement must be in place. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.

Banners and flags are welcomed in the parade as long as they do not contain advertising or promotional information such as commercial company logos, web sites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This includes information regarding other fan conventions as well.

Fan organizations/groups, clubs, DC programming tracks, etc. are exempted from this and encouraged to carry to their banners.

3. The Dragon Con Parade is a politics-free zone and not the appropriate venue for political actions or activities that impact our everyday lives outside of Dragon Con.

4. Non-working or prop weapons (as part of your costume) are OK. Any weapon carried at Dragon Con, including in the parade, must be approved and peace bonded by Dragon Con Security. Please take care of this BEFORE Parade morning to avoid potential confiscation of questionable items. The Atlanta PD and Dragon Con Security escort the parade and may make swift response to any action they deem inappropriate or threatening to the public. Think about how you brandish your weapon.

5. No flash pots, explosive devices, fireworks, loaded devices of any kind, or use of open flames. Absolutely not allowed, period.

6. Photography and videography by participants is always welcome as long as the progress of the parade is not hindered while you take your shots. Use of DRONES for filming the parade is PROHIBITED for your and the spectators safety.

6. Small throws/tosses (candy, beads, coins for instance) are permitted as long as do not cause street litter and are placed directly into the hands of the recipients. No random tossing, flinging or otherwise launching into the crowd.

7. Fliers/flyer, coupons and/or leaflets, business cards, etc. distribution is NOT permitted under any circumstances. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.

8. We are rated PG/PG-13. Remember the parade is held on city streets – public safety and decency laws will apply. Watching the parade is open to the public, small children and other impressionable beings will be along the route. Additionally street/everyday clothing, unless it’s identifiable with a character, isn’t appropriate for the parade. We are a costumed event. Please choose your costume wisely.

9. Children 13 years of age and under participating in the parade must be accompanied by an adult.

10. At this time, live animals are prohibited from the parade with the exception of service animals and selected Dragon Con sponsors.

11. Use common sense and show courtesy for all involved with the parade.

12. Show up on time and be patient during staging/line-up. Be ready to move into place when your parade section is called on deck.

13. Prepare yourself for the weather (bring water, don’t forget sunscreen, etc.).

14. If you have a question about whether or not something will be allowed – ask beforehand!! Contact us at dc_parade at

15. Have fun! Have fun! Have Fun!

We reserve the right to remove any person(s), vehicle(s), or prop(s) (including banners, flags or signs, and weapons) from the parade that is considered offensive, potentially dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, or that do not comply with the above stated guidelines for the event , at any time and without prior warning.


Can we all start the “No rain, no rain” chanting now?

If it’s sunny – we march! If it’s overcast – we march (and we like this kind of weather, trust!)! If clouds are looming with the possibility of rain – we march! If there was rain but it stopped before 10AM – we march! If it’s drizzling or there’s light intermittent rain – we march! If it’s outright raining – we march (…but the “we” might be just the parade team and DC Security walking the route under umbrellas and waving at any spectators still there…)! If it’s continuous nasty storming or there is any weather happening that threatens lives or property – we stay at home.

There is no alternate date or time (a.k.a. rain date) for the parade. We go forward Saturday morning at 10AM or we don’t go at all.


..OR those who are not buying full weekend memberships OR those who will not arrive at con until late-late Friday or Saturday morning. What do you do about being in the parade?

If you cannot get your badge before you come to staging (Registration opens at 8AM, in the Sheraton, on Saturday morning and I hope you at least give it a very good try to pick it up), you can bring your postcard and ID to staging.

If you did not purchase your membership in advance, contact me ASAP. Prefer an email dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)org.

June Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

1 June 2016, 7:30pm

Decatur Recreation Center


Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler.

Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
  • Arts & Sciences (Lady Veronica da Lucca)
    • Lady Justina will be teaching a veils (and hairstyles?) class during the 4th Wednesday meeting (29 June)
    • We are now having two classes each month, the 3rd and 4th weeks. We have an opening for the 3rd week session – please contact Lady Veronica if you are interested.
  • Reeve (THL Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)

    • We have money and we’re looking to spend some of it!
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri)
    • We have a demo coming up (Streets Alive Atlanta, 12 June). Event starts at 3pm, but we’ll be able to set up an hour early (2pm)
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Submissions
Pietro’s device passed Laurel (hooray!)
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We have practices on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, as usual
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • We have a website
    • Will be working on event websites for Red Tower and RUM (if RUM still needs a website)

Baronial Business

  • Streets Alive Atlanta (12 June 2016)
    • We don’t know yet where we’re going to meet, but Sunday, 12 June is the date. Sawyer is the point person for the demo.
    • Sawyer is trying to secure a secure parking lot for us.
  • RUM (15-17 July 2016)
    • Co-Autocrats: Lady Veronica and THL Maire
    • Everything is going smoothly
    • Still need a crash space coordinator (Lady Raven volunteered)
    • We still need several volunteers to staff Troll. Troll will be set up with several lines – teachers’ line, pre-reg line, and a day-of registration line; we hope that this will make it easier to get the teachers set up before their first class.
    • Sable Sword and Legion of the Bear would like to teach a track of classes. They will need to contact the RUM Chancellor so their offer can get into the schedule.
    • House Excelsior and the Southern Consortium will host a fundraiser lunch to support their efforts to build a (feast?) hall at Gulf Wars
    • We are hoping to host a regional fighter practice at Blackburn on the Sunday following RUM, similarly to what we do with Midwinter
  • Red Tower (30 September – 2 October 2016)
    • Rebecca and Mattias are co-autocratting Red Tower
    • The event will be held at Little Talapoosa Park
    • Looking for ideas for tokens – please contact Rebecca if you can help
    • The event theme is Italian
    • We have $75 in the budget for pest control (fire ants)
    • Red Tower theme: Italian
    • Positions needed:
      • Cook for Saturday and/or Sunday breakfast (need both);
      • Armored marshal;
      • Pottycrat (Ximon volunteered, depending on availability);
      • MoL (Maire and Domnhall are both interested);
      • Site Herald (Bam has been volunteered by Maire (this is what happens when you miss a meeting ;-));
      • A&S officer (Veronica volunteered);
      • Minister of Children;
      • Wooden Spoons accommodations; Wooden Spoons would like to host a Red Hat Tea at Red Tower for a birthday celebration.
  • New Baronial Meeting Space
    • We have a potential site! The Friends Meeting House in Decatur (where Midwinter 2015 was held)
      • If we sign a long-term (6-12 months) contract, we can get the site for $20/week, with flexibility to expand into the sanctuary when needed ($50/night)
      • Keys can be available to Their Excellencies, the seneschal, and someone who lives nearby.
      • Pros:
        • Plenty of parking
        • Flexibility on payment schedule
        • Flexibility on space
      • Cons:
        • Default space will be smaller than we have now
      • Motion to vote, seconded, and passed unanimously!
      • First meeting at the new site will be the July business meeting
  • DragonCon (1-5 September 2016)
    • Gerrick is coordinating rapier fighters for the parade
    • Duke John’s chariot repairs/upgrades are coming along nicely
    • Still need 4 people to pull chariot – talk to Ximon to volunteer
    • Ximon wants to regroup in a month or so to practice working with the chariot and the parade
    • Still trying to contact DragonCon staff to set up a fighting demo
    • We are signed up for the fan table; Stella will put together a shift list
    • Stella will arrange for wristbands for the parade participants
  • Castle Wars
    • Today is the last day for bids for Castle Wars! Master Wistric has submitted a bid to autocrat, with Joe Devlin as his co-autocrat
      • Castle Wars will take place at the Al-Sihah Shrine in Macon, which has an indoor feast hall and a kitchen, so we can do a feast!
      • Cost for the Shrine is roughly the same as McIntosh Reserve ($1 per person more expensive than McIntosh, but there’s no parking fee)
      • Last year we had 637 people; we may not expect quite as many this year, but we still had 400 onsite at Castle Wars 2015
      • Volunteers needed!
        • Cooks for Travelers’ Fare Thursday + Friday
        • Cooks for Breakfast (Friday + Sunday)
      • Discussion about feast:
        • Feast ($15) that’s worth it and hyped;
        • Feast will be prereg *only* with hard cutoff date
        • Questions about feast charges – too high? Mariana mentioned that even an elaborate feast only costs $8 per person maybe $10 per person at the most. Requested feast price change to $8
      • Still kicking around ideas for a theme
      • Can set up Thursday morning
    • Motion to vote, seconded, passed unanimously
  • Midwinter A&S
    • Due by the September business meeting
    • Potential site: Booker T Washington park in Chattanooga
    • For those contemplating a bid, if the event is a full weekend, the budget will necessarily be different and should look more similar to a Red Tower budget

Other SCA Business

  • None

Non-SCA Business

  • None


Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 6 July 2016, at the Atlanta Friends Meeting House.


May Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

4 May 2016, 7:30pm

Decatur Recreation Center


Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler.

Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We have practices on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, as usual
    • In the past month, we held two regional practices, a fundraiser at one of them, and a game practice
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • We have a website
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri)
    • Newcomers’ Collegium (30 April 2016) was fun! There was a great turnout of new/potential members, some from South Downs attended. The world’s shortest court took place there, lots of fun!
    • DragonCon – we have submitted our request for a fan table, now just waiting for approval
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Submissions
Jürgen der Vielfraß – name and device submitted; the device was returned to be redrawn onto proper form. Sent on to Cypher on 28 April
    • Awards – Last Court of Wulfstan and Thorkatla, at Coronation (2 April)
      • David Twynham – Master of Defense
      • Peryn Rose Whytehorse – writ for the Order of the Laurel
      • Alessandra Fioravanti – writ for the Order of the Laurel
  • Arts & Sciences (Lady Veronica da Lucca)
    • We had a great class last week, with Lady Maddalena teaching a hats class; we had several new people come to the class
    • This month’s classes will be:
      • Calligraphy (3rd Wednesday, 18 May)
      • TBD (4th Wednesday, 25 May); will be posted as soon as it’s finalized
      • Tomorrow night (5 May), Their Excellencies will host a Calligraphy and Illumination project night at their house
  • Reeve (THL Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)

    • We have money! $12,301.12
    • We do, however have some bills coming up in the next month
    • New changes:
      • Non-member surcharge is going away, and will be replaced with “member discount rate” and “event registration (includes $5 surcharge).” This sets up the base fee for an event to be charged to everyone, and SCA members get a discount. Previously, the member fee was consided the base fee, and non-members got a surcharge.This does not impact children’s registration fees (no charge except for site required fees/feast/bed)
      • As of 1 June 2016, we are not doing a notarized form for non-family children (GA, TN, AL,KY), following the laws of the specific state. Maire stressed that this is a different form than the event troll form
  • Their Excellencies
    • Midwinter Arts & Sciences – never too soon to be thinking about a bid for Midwinter!
      • We have been asked if we could host Stella Nova at Midwinter
      • We are considering holding the event at Booker T Washington Park near Chattanooga? We’d love to make it a weekend event
    • Iris Faire – “stuff happened, new barons happened. wackety smacking…”

Upcoming Events

  • RUM (15-17 July 2016)
    • Facebook event site is up! Royal University of Meridies 2016- this will be the primary place to check for updates
    • Flyer has been published in Popular Chivalry
    • A hotel group rate ($99,down from $109-139 for 20 rooms. more rooms, perhaps bigger discount) has been negotiated at the Hampton Inn, but there are many other hotels in the area. Cutoff to get block rate discount is 2 weeks before event (deadline is 23 June).
      Campsite also nearby
    • Wistric suggested that we should also have a non-FB website
    • Chatelaine for RUM is Adelaide – if you wish to teach a class, contact her
    • We are also looking for a crash space organizer, please contact Veronica or Maire if interested. Lady Raven volunteered
  • Red Tower (30 September – 2 October 2016)
    • Bids are due today
    • The event will be held at Little Talapoosa Park
    • Mathias and ??? are co-autocrats
    • Red Tower is the same weekend as Bacon Bash (glaedenfeld), but Their Excellencies are not concerned – there should be enough distance between the two events to avoid competition
    • We have $75 in the budget for pest control (fire ants)
    • Red Tower theme: Italian
    • Maire will take care of Travelers’ Fare
    • Maire volunteered Bam as site herald (this is what happens when you miss a meeting 😉
    • After the discussion with the populace, Mathias will tweak budget and get back to us on staff needs
  • Castle Wars
    • Need bids! Bids are due by the June business meeting, so we can get the ball rolling on it
    • We do have event space lined up (McIntosh Reserve), but the Al-Sihah shrine as an option? Maire will get numbers to Wistric so he can get the bid together
      • The Shrine has a kitchen available, so we could do a buy-in feast 🙂
      • But remember: we don’t have to do feast for Castle Wars! it’s not a complex event
    • Wistric is considering a bid with Joe Devlin as his deputy
  • New Baronial Meeting Space
    • Brookhaven option no good – $75/hr
    • Decatur is good for the southsiders
    • Clarkston rec center? Wistric and others offered to look into it
    • The event space needs to be:
      • Available Wednesday nights,
      • Comparable to decatur pricing ($25/night),
      • Handicapped accessible,
      • Convenient for parking
  • We are also in need of an Armored marshal; we do have a fair amount of loaner gear – check with His Excellency or Sir Morgan for more details

Other SCA Business

  • GSU Presentation
    • 3:00pm 5 May (tomorrow)
  • Margavati brought a bag of books to give away. very little blood was shed in the ensuing frenzy
  • Atlanta Streets Alive (12 June 2016, 3-9pm)
    • Will be located from 5 Points to 17th St. along Peachtree. Please come on out, it should be HUGE. We are guaranteed a spot because they love us (hopefully more centrally located), but we don’t know where yet.
    • Margavati will set up a FB event page with signups, etc.
    • Ximon mentioned that the barony has popups and banners (?) available for us to use
    • Get word out – there is no other event that weekend
  • DragonCon (1-5 September 2016)
    • Ximon – wants to talk to Duke John about sprucing up the chariot
    • We will need a handler for the parade to coordinate our activities within the parade; We could make it awesome – it’s a great recruiting bit
    • Who’s the demo contact for DragonCon? Stella volunteered to back up Ximon, in case he has to work Saturday of DragonCon
    • Should there be a parade rehearsal beforehand? Could take a meeting or two in the weeks before DragonCon to map all this out and help make the day itself go more smoothly

Other Business



Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 1 June 2016.


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