Autocrat: Lord Piers Simmons (twarsmith AT gmail DOT com)
Co-autocrat: Sir Iastreb Desislavich (Iastreb42 AT yahoo DOT com)
Archery Marshal-in-Charge: Guillaume de Saint Etienne
Artisan’s Row: Mistress Peryn Rose Whitehorse and
Mistress Sunneva de Cleia
Baronial Liaisons: Lady Stella di Silvestri and Lady Mairghread Wilson
Equestrian Marshal: Azenari Basandere (Azenari DOT basanderer760 AT gmail DOT com)
Field Steward: Master Wistric Oftun
Flyer and Site Book: Lady Raven Helmsplitter
Head Troll: Lord Lucien d’Artois
Heavy Marshal-in-Charge: Kynwric Gwent
Information Point: Lady Juliane de Vivonne
Landcrat: The Honorable Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain
Merchant Steward: Lady Alisandre Isabeau de la Chapelle (alpetrisek AT gmail DOT com)
Marshal-in-Charge: Baron Robert Throckmorton
Pottycrat: Lady Isobel Nugent
Rapier Marshal-in-Charge: Captain Dante Alatrista
Reservations: The Honorable Lord Mathias Blackett (Ben DOT Coffee AT gmail DOT com)
Revel: House Khaneh al-Arsalan
Royal Liaison and Royal Luncheon: Lady Justina di Silvestri
Web site: Lord Pietro di Conti
Youth Activities: Lady Apollonia of Athens
Youth Marshal: Master William Scrivener

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