April Baronial Business Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

6 April 2016, 7:30pm

Decatur Recreation Center

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler (who, incidentally, wishes to beg pardon for the delay in publishing these minutes. There were pirates, and shiny things… but she thinks she’s better now 😉 )

Before the meeting officially started, Their Excellencies welcomed Adam, a blacksmith from San Diego who is new to the Barony. Yay!

Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • Nothing to report
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri)
    • Nothing to report, but has been excited about new people attending meetings and events
    • Mathias mentioned that the Kingdom will be starting an effort to comp newcomers at events. There are questions about the legalities of doing so, and there was discussion about how to make such an effort work. Stay tuned!
  • Arts & Sciences (Lady Veronica da Lucca)
    • We had a great month with A & S! Mistress Serafina taught wire wrapping and knitting, and Lady Maddalena will be teaching a hats class this month (everyone is welcome to watch the class; if you want to actually work on a hat, materials will cost $15)
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Submissions
Stella di Silvestri – name advanced to Laurel, but device was returned to be redrawn
      • Pietro di Conti – name passed
    • Awards – Gulf Wars
      • Sebastiannos Ionnides – Grant of Arms (GoA)
      • Maire Dhocair Inghean Chisrain – Order of the Scarlet Star
    • Awards – Meridian Challenge of Arms
      • Stella di Silvestri – Meridian Cross
    • Awards – Coronation
      • David Twynham – Master of Defense
      • Peryn Rose Whytehorse – writ for the Order of the Laurel
      • Alessandra Fioravanti – writ for the Order of the Laurel
  • Their Excellencies
    • The new/resurrected Barony of Glaedenfeld will hold their investiture at Lily Faire. We are planning to give a lovely gift in their honor (Their Excellencies showed the populace the gift and we all promised not to tell)
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We will be hosting a regional rapier practice (Sunday, 24 April) at Blackburn Park, coordinated by Raven
      • Since the regional practice after Midwinter 2016 was canceled due to weather, perhaps we could hold it at this upcoming regional practice?
      • Master Wistric is looking at holding an armored tourney at the practice as well – should add to the event invite
    • Master Wistric will be holding his monthly A-Game rapier practice on Sunday, 1 May, also at Blackburn Park

Upcoming Events

  • Fools’ War (8-10 April 2016)
    • We do not have a camping space, but anyone who arrives thursday can try to claim land. Check with Her Excellency to try to coordinate.
    • We are taking a hat and cloak to Her Majesty – need to coordinate (with THL Maddalena)
    • Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen! Yes, *you* need some. Extra ant killer is always helpful.
    • Forecast is sunny but cool. hooray!
  • RUM (16 July 2016)
    • Popular Chivalry will publish the event notice for RUM in the upcoming issue
    • Lady Veronica will have the Facebook event page up soon
    • We need someone to organize crash space options for travelers; either out in Carrollton or here in the ATL
    • Hotel possibilities with group rate – Courtyard Marriott (has a common space available where we could do a post-revel) and pool. The other hotel option is the Hampton Inn. Negotiations are still going on – update to follow.
  • Baronial Meeting Space
    • Looking for a new space than the Decatur Rec Center, one that has better parking and is available on Wednesday evenings
      • We are currently paying $25/wk, and we’d like to keep it in that range
      • We do have our own insurance, through SCA Inc.
      • We are paid up at the Rec Center through June 2016
      • If you have an idea for a space, please e-mail or txt Mathias
  • Red Tower (30 September – 2 October 2016)
    • Next month (May business meeting) is the deadline for bids
    • The event will be at Little Tallapoosa (Carrollton)
    • If you are interested in autocratting RedTower 2017, now is the time to search out sites
  • Castle Wars
    • We need bids! Bids are due by the July business meeting
    • We have event space already set (MacIntosh Reserve Park, where it was last year)
    • Remember: we don’t do feast for Castle Wars! it’s not a complex event
  • And on the subject of bids, it’s never too early to start thinking about Midwinter Arts & Sciences!

Other SCA Business

  • Project Night
    • Needs to be canceled for this week, will pick up again in 2 weeks
    • Check in with the Baronial Facebook group for updates
  • DragonCon (1-5 September 2016)
    • Ximon – wants to talk to Duke John about sprucing up the chariot
    • We will need a handler for the parade to coordinate our activities within the parade; We could make it awesome – it’s a great recruiting bit
    • Who’s the demo contact for DragonCon? Stella volunteered to back up Ximon, in case he has to work Saturday of DragonCon
    • Should there be a parade rehearsal beforehand? Could take a meeting or two in the weeks before DragonCon to map all this out and help make the day itself go more smoothly

Other Business

  • Georgia State University is hosting a presentation on textile preservation on 7 April
  • Margavati brought a bag of books to give away. very little blood was shed in the ensuing frenzy
  • Atlanta Streets Alive – coming up, when? Ximon made a motion for Sawyer to coordinate demo


Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 4 May 2016.