Deputies wanted!

From Master Wistric Oftun, Seneschal:

I am looking for a deputy to help research new sites for us. Discussions of KLE bids recently have revealed that we don’t have many options for sites, either for RUM or for overnight events with cabins.

You will not be alone in this – Lady Sophia in Owl’s Nest is also looking in to sites, so efforts can be coordinated, and overlap avoided.

This shouldn’t be too time demanding, but if you’ve got time to research sites on an ongoing basis, and possibly do some site visits, please let me know.

From Lady Stella di Silvestri, Chatelaine:

Just in case you missed the business meeting, I am currently looking for two deputies for the Chatelaine position- one to handle Newcomers and Gold Key and one to organize and coordinate demos.

If either of these sound appealing to you, message me! Being the Chatelaine is an important job for the survival for the group but it’s also fun!