February Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

3 February 2016, 7:30pm

Decatur Recreation Center

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler


Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
    • Would like to gauge interest in developing a baronial publication of some sort:
      • Newsletter? Could include things like reports (and recipes?) from the Supper Club, for example
      • Baronial Directory? as not everyone is on Facebook
      • Open to ideas, suggestions
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullhar)
    • Nothing to report
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • We still have a website!
    • Working on getting updates to Midwinter A+S up on the site
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We have practices!
    • We will be holding our traditional regional fighters’ practice on the Sunday following Midwinter A+S – come on out!
    • We will hold the tournament to determine the new Baronial Rapier champion at the Midwinter regional practice (14 February 2016)
  • Arts + Sciences (Lady Tryggva Ingvarsdóttir)
    • Midwinter Arts + Sciences is coming up SOON (see below)! There will be tons of classes offered.
    • Lady Tryggva will be stepping down as A+S Minister in March; the new A+S Minister is Lady Veronica de Lucca. Their Excellencies and the populace thanked Lady Tryggva for all her work as Minister.
  • Reeve (Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)
    • We have money – a little over $12,000 in the baronial coffers
    • Red Tower and Castle Wars both did well financially
    • We do still have some bills to take care of, but we’re in good shape
    • Domesday report is going out tonight (3 February 2016)
    • Lady Zeliha Bint Sayyid will be the new Reeve; she’ll start working with Lady Maire after Midwinter, and step up in the 4th quarter
  • Chatelaine (vacant)
    • But no more! Our new Chatelaine is Lady Stella di Silvestri! (And the populace rejoices!)
    • The local Dagohir group is interested in doing a demo with us at the library, date TBD
    • Need more loaner garb! If you are interested in helping sew or have anything to donate, please touch base with Lady Stella


SCA Business – South Downs Events in the Works

  • Midwinter Arts + Sciences (13 February 2016, Lady Mara Palmer reports)
    • We’re in good shape with the budget. The feastcrats suggested buying disposable feastgear for the lunch feast, so we won’t have to deal bring the baronial serving pieces (easier to clean up).
    • We need tablecloths to cover the tables in the lecture hall where Court will be held. Master Ximon offered to bring the several he has.
    • We have banners to cover the lecture hall whiteboards, but could use extra banners or tapestries to make sure the boards stay hidden.
    • Lady Stella requested that we bring our own toilet paper and paper towel supplies to the site, as maintenance will not be available to keep the bathrooms stocked with supplies.
    • Lunch feast is offered by pre-registration only. Tokens will be provided to keep track of who has purchased lunch. Registration for the event (if you want the lunch feast) ends Saturday, 6 February
    • The lecture hall (where Court will be held) only seats 150, which we’re not sure is enough to seat everyone for Court. There may be space to set up your own chairs, but space will need to be preserved for processionals and for Lady Mara’s vigil
    • We will have a regional practice on Sunday, 14 February (yes, that’s Valentine’s Day – make your plans now! 🙂 ). Her Excellency will be coordinating the practice and festivities.
    • We can’t get into the site until Saturday morning 7:30? 8:00?. Volunteers to help set up are needed, and if your Chronicler recalls correctly, Master Ximon had suggested that there might be donuts for those who volunteer to set up.
    • Lady Mara will be on vigil beginning at 9:00am, so Her Excellency will handle some of the onsite autocrat responsibilities once the vigil has begun.
  • RUM (Royal University of Meridies; 15-16 July 2016, Lady Veronica de Lucca and Lady Maire reporting)
    • Lady Veronica and Lady Maire will be co-autocratting, and will request approval of the Barony tonight to submit the finalized bid to Kingdom
      • There is no dorm space available, but there are many hotels nearby. We are trying to get a group rate at one (or more) hotel(s). Leslie has offered to help with this effort
      • Looking at offering a fundraiser lunch, possibly a crockpot buffet like what was done at Midwinter A+S 2015
      • The site does not allow pets (service animals are OK by law)
      • There will not be any equestrian activities, as there is no place to hold them
      • Discreet alcohol ONLY – no original containers, etc.
      • No onsite revel or dinner feast
        • There was discussion about the possibility of having a post-event revel in a meeting room of one of the hotels, especially if we can get a group rate there. Those investigating hotel options are adding this to their list of questions
        • It was pointed out that we would have the site until midnight, so we could do a revel there, but no dinner feast. We could provide snacks, however 🙂
      • RUM handles all the planning of the event, in terms of classes, administration, etc.; we handle site issues: setup, cleaning, lunch, etc.
      • Financial issues:
        • $2 fee per person goes to RUM
        • Remaining profits from event are split between the sponsoring Barony (us) and the Kingdom.
      • We should start thinking about teacher bags – what can we offer? who can make what things to be included? If you’re interested in contributing, please contact Lady Veronica or Lady Maire
      • Need staff:
        • Already have autocrats and reservationist
        • Need (partial list):
          • Marshals (armored and rapier)
          • Royal coordinator
          • Crash space coordinator
          • More positions will open up as planning continues. If you’re interested in volunteering for RUM staff and you don’t see a position listed that you’d like to help with, the autocrats will be more than happy to help you help them!
    • Motion offered to send bid to Kingdom, and motion passed unanimously! (and still more rejoicing from the populace!)


SCA Business – Upcoming Events

  • Gulf Wars (12-20 March, 2016)
    • South Downs has been asked specifically to volunteer with waterbearing on the Wednesday of War Week. This is a great opportunity to help the Kingdom, and help the Barony; not only can you earn volunteer points for waterbearing, but the Barony can earn money – the more volunteers, the more money! Make your Reeve happy! Go to Volunteer Point, say that you’ll volunteer, and make sure to list The Barony of South Downs as your local group.
    • Does Al-Mahala need anything for Gulf Wars? Everyone was concerned about the damage/vandalism done to their storage space. Turned out it wasn’t their storage space, and their things are OK.
  • Knowne World Dance Symposium (June 2017? Master Wistric reporting)
    • Master Wistric is developing a bid to have the Barony host the 2017 Knowne World Dance Symposium
    • Possible site: GA State. Not sure which campus, but discounts are available to employees, and there are several members of the Barony who work at GA State.


Other SCA Business

  • South Downs Supper Club (25 February 2016)
    • This month’s theme: Scandinavia
    • Hosted by Lady Maren (Decatur area)
    • Watch for the event announcement and other updates on Facebook
  • Request for spare armor (armored fighting)
    • Lord Bram is looking for spare armor to purchase, from the Barony or from individuals:
      • His current armor is now too big for him
      • (He may also be looking for any available youth armor?)
      • It was suggested that he contact the Reeve, the Knight Marshal, and/or the Financial Committee to determine what can be sold and at what price.
  • Glaedenfeld Baronial Investiture
    • Background: Glaedenfeld was once a barony, and a few years ago its status was changed to a shire. It is now about to become a barony again.
    • Unsure if the investiture will take place at Dreamstone or Iris Faire?
    • Does the Barony wish to contribute to a largesse gift to the new Baron and Baroness Glaedenfeld? Please get in touch with Master Lorenzo or Mistress Adela if you are interested.


Non-SCA Business

  • None.


Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 2 March 2016.