January 2018 Baronial Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

3 January 2018, 7:30pm

Atlanta Friends Meeting House

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler.

Herald (Lord Lucien d’Artois) called the meeting to order.

Officer Reports

  • Herald (Lord Lucien d’Artois)
    • Lucien announced that the heralds will have a consultation table set up at 40 Year, so come by with your questions.
    • Submissions
      • Porcia Secunda’s name registered at Laurel
      • Juliane de Vivonne badge returned for conflict, paperwork all ready completed for resubmission
  • Armored and Youth Marshal (Lady Mairghread)
    • Practices have been hit-or-miss because it’s now event season (and also, it’s been COLD)
    • This Sunday (7 January) there will a crossover practice at Liane Levetan Park – everyone come on out and see how the other side fights!
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • Practices. We are still having them, Sunday afternoons, concurrent with armored. Tuesday evening practices at 7pm, temporarily moved to Blackburn Park due to the lighting situation at Liane Levetan. We’re averaging 2-12 people.
    • We are still waiting for updates from Liane Levetan Park about the lighting situation and work order
    • Thanks to all who’ve helped cover marshaling practices while Ben is working!
    • Come on out this Sunday (7 January) for crossover practice!
    • For updates regarding rapier practices, go to the Atlanta SCA Fighting Facebook group.
  • Live Weapons Marshal (Mistress Mara Palmer – THL Mathias reporting)
    • Practices are still going strong! We’ve been averaging 8-10 shooters at practice
    • Our next series of practice have been posed to our FB group
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri – His Excellency reporting)
    • Nothing to report
  • Arts & Sciences (Mistress Sunneva de Cleia)
    • Midwinter A+S is the next event on the Baronial calendar. Sunneva has posted a signup sheet on the Baronial Facebook group for anyone who would like to teach at Midwinter.
    • Sunneva has made a schedule for all of 2018 as a Google Docs spreadsheet so you (yes, you! you know it’s one of your new year’s resolutions) can sign up to teach a class at one of our monthly A+S nights.
    • This month’s class on writing and folding letters in the style of 16th century Italy, will be taught by His Excellency himself, Master Lorenzo.
  • Reeve (THL Andreva Rigaldi)
    • We have a new reeve! THL Mathias is stepping down, and introduced THL Andreva as our new reeve. Welcome, Andreva, and thanks, Mathias, for all your work.
    • Andreva reported that she has no idea if we have any money,
      although she is sure we do. Tune in next month to find out 🙂
    • Andreva just got her warrant yesterday, so she’s still getting up to speed
    • Andreva will be at 40 Year, but will likely be busy taking classes
  • Webminister (Lord Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website!
    • We have a MWA+S website!
    • Updated:
      • Class notes have been updated
      • Updated several titles
      • Updated several pages for members of the populace
      • Updated event calendar
  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Still need articles for the Winter 2018 issue of The Read Tower; goal of the newsletter is to inform, particularly newcomers, about what we do, why we enjoy what we do in the SCA, and why a newcomer would want to take part. Examples:
      • Officers’ column: each Baronial officer has a column where they can describe what they do, what’s cool about what you do as that officer, and anything (events, practices, etc) you want to publicize. Roughly 500 words (a page or so?)
      • Guild reps: again, you have a space where you can let the populace know what you do, why you find it cool, and what your Guild has going on. And again, roughly 500 words would be great
      • Articles I’d like to have written, 500-750 words (ish); if you’d like to write an article, please let me know and we’ll chat:
        • Reveling at Castle Wars: one of the things that makes Castle Wars special, the camping and reveling; article and photos  STILL NEED
        • Presentation (?) Herald at Crown: what it’s like to process with a combatant at Crown and announce them at the beginning of the tournament? STILL NEED
        • Rapier activity beyond the world of the SCA (SERFO/HEMA) (thanks, Brendan de Hay!)
        • A+S Competitions at Midwinter A+S (Thanks, Sunneva!)
        • Class handouts, recipes, etc. – please include images (I can scan if necessary), and a writeup introducing the material (ongoing)
        • Artwork and photos – again, I can scan artwork if necessary (thanks, Andreva, for the 40 Year photos!)
  • Seneschal (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • We will have a brief business meeting later this month to discuss and vote on Sir Iazzie’s Artsy Crown bid
    • Beginning with next week’s meeting, we have a new site! Little Tree Art Studios, 2834 Franklin St, Avondale Estates, GA 30002
    • This Saturday (6 January) Wistric and crew will be inventorying the baronial storage unit. All are welcome to come help – please contact Wistric if interested
    • Next Wednesday’s meeting (10 January) is project night, and we will also teach a class on how to work a troll table so that you, too, can take a shift at our next event (Mid-Winter A&S) and help keep our guests moving smoothly and quickly through the line.
  • Their Excellencies
    • Meridian 40 Year
      • Who’s going?
      • The Barony is hosting an A+S competition at 40 Year- very novice friendly! There will be prizes!
      • We have been informed that in the arena where the grand procession, court, and the armored and rapier fighting will take place, The Barony will have a box reserved where the thrones can be set up, etc. We need decorations! Help us spiff up the baronial seating area!
    • The third meeting of this month, Master Vincent formerly of SD, now of the West, will be in town and would love to host a dance practice at the baronial practice
    • This month features a FIFTH Wednesday! You know what that means… IN-GARB POTLUCK!
    • Please write more award recommendations – specific person, specific reasons. All awards! Kingdom *and* baronial!

Upcoming Events

  • Midwinter Arts + Sciences (2-4 February 2018)
    • Lady Alisandre walked the site at University of West Georgia last week, and is confident that we can fit everything in the schedule into the space
    • Site tokens have been ordered; as they are being shipped from China, she has also come up with a Plan B just in case they don’t arrive in time
    • We still need volunteers:
      • Troll
      • Teachers
      • Help running the A+S competitions (Sunneva volunteered)
    • Lady Alisandre was asked if we will have PayPal reservations for Midwinter. Now that we have a Reeve, we can get this going
  • Artsy Crown (26-29 May 2018)
    • Sir Iazzie is submitting a bid
    • Would be held at the Al Sihah Shrine in Macon
    • Bid is just about ready, just need to figure out site fees
    • In addition to feasts on Saturday (feastcrat – THL Mariana) and Sunday (Sir Lochlann), planning on traveler’s fare Friday night, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday – need volunteers!
    • Inquiry from the populace – what does kingdom law say about the scenario of the fire ants winning Crown List?
  • Red Tower (5-7 October 2018)
    • Will be held a Hard Labor Creek in Rutledge, GA
    • Andreva was going to autocrat, but now that she is Reeve, won’t be able to do so.
      Will find a replacement autocrat.

SCA Business

  • Demo at Anachrocon (16-18 February 2018)
    • Viking theme, but not exclusively Viking
    • Need volunteers to teach classes and participate in demos! Wistric will set up and Anachrocon FB event page
    • Good, small event with excellent opportunities for recruiting
  • The Shire of Sol Haven would like help from us with teaching A+S classes for their shire; their meetings are the fourth Thursdays of the month. If you’re interested, please contact Mistress Bronwyn for more information.
  • If you are planning to go to 40 Year and want to camp indoors, please contact Baroness Rhiannon – she is trying to coordinate a South Downs camp

Non-SCA Business

  • None

Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 7 February 2018, at our new site, Little Tree Art Studios.