January 2018 Baronial Mini-Business Minutes

South Downs Baronial Mini-Business Meeting

17 January 2018, 7:30pm

Little Tree Art Studios

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler.

Herald (Lord Lucien d’Artois) called the meeting to order.

Midwinter Arts + Sciences (2-4 February 2018)

  • Do we know how many have pre-registered yet?
  • We only have 15 classes submitted so far
  • We still need volunteers:
    • One person to supervise vigil and Order meetings, to be a runner for meeting attendees as needed
      • Two people have volunteered, two teens who helped at the last event with cleanup
    • Someone to put up road signage (Sir Iazzie volunteered)
    • Lady Alisandre will need some things from the Baronial storage unit – she will compile a list of things for Master Wistric to get from the storage unit, and this will be a good test for the new request sheet
  • The schedule being developed for the Order meetings, vigil, Meet & Greet, etc., is really complex
  • Andreva may be able to serve as voice herald to announce class changes and meetings, but if she cant, she will find someone who can (perhaps Lord Knut?)
  • The annual Sari Safari will take place on Sunday after Midwinter
  • Do we want to do a Regional Fighter practice as done in past years?
    • Should we hold our Baronial Championship tourneys at this practice?
    • How elaborate do we want the practice to be? Cookout, etc.? A reminder that that Sunday is also Super Bowl Sunday, so it’s possible we might not have as strong a turnout as we would otherwise
    • The populace decided that we should just have a regular practice, but extend the invitation through the Midwinter event
  • We won’t be able to get onsite to set up on Friday evening, so we will need as many people as possible onsite Saturday morning at 7:00am to help get everything set up
  • The fundraising lunch will either be held in a classroom or at the end of the 2nd floor hallway (as last year)
  • Site tokens have been ordered but have not yet arrived. Plan B (in the event we don’t get the tokens on time) will be to use leftover tokens from Red Tower, which are already strung (yay!)

Baronial Storage Unit

  • Wistric announced that a lot of progress has been made on organizing the Baronial storage unit – he’s posted several pics on the FB group to document the work done and those who’ve come out to help. We will need approximately 12 storage tubs to continue organizing All The Things – having identical tubs will make it easier and more consistent to manage everything. The populace approved $150 to purchase more tubs.

Cub Scout Demo

  • Lisa reminded the populace about the Cub Scout Demo for her son’s pack next Thursday, and encouraged everyone to come out and take part – it’s a lot of fun, and they loved having us come out the last time. The demo starts at 7:00pm. For more info, check out the event that will be set up on the baronial FB group.

Anachrocon (February 16-18, 2018)

  • We’ve been asked to take part in the in the con by holding a demo (fighting, maybe live weapons?)- maybe also teach classes? The deadline to get into the con booklet has passed, but we can still take part. Master Ximon and THL Andreva both said they’d go.

Other Business

  • Castle Wars 2017
    • Does anyone know who ended up with the waivers from Castle Wars? The deputy needs to have them. Whoever has them, please get them to Wistric.

Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 7 February 2018, at our new site, Little Tree Art Studios.