July Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

6 July 2016, 7:30pm

Atlanta Friends Meeting House


Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler.

Matthias gave a brief orientation to our new meeting space – Friends’ meeting house in Decatur. Most meetings will be held in the lobby/greeting room. 11 meetings during the year, we will meet in the smaller classrooms in the back. Matthias and their excellencies will have keys to the building, as well as Lord Camulacaros (since he lives closest to the site).


Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • Matthias will send Wistric some materials to add to the website, including updated details about the new meeting location.
  • Arts & Sciences (Lady Veronica da Lucca)
    • Veronica introduced her new deputy, Mistress Sunneva
    • This month’s classes (third and fourth meetings):
      • One class lined up – Wistric and Sunneva will teach German judicial combat as described by Talhoffer
      • Possible dance practice for the other session
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • We still have practices Sunday afternoons (alongside armored fighter practice) and Tuesday evenings at Blackburn Park
    • Tourney of the Foxes – we will be fielding melee teams in honor of her excellency
    • This Sunday (10 July 2016), come join us at the rapier and armored regional practice in Byron, GA!
  • Armored Marshal (Lord Robert Throckmorton)
    • We are looking for a deputy marshal – please contact Lord Robert if interested
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Lord Bjorn pointed out that we only have 2 business meetings between now and red tower to vote on baronial awards
      • It was decided that the men and women of the barony would meet separately after tonight’s meeting to discuss nominations for the Heart of South Downs and the Chivalry awards, then vote for each award after the August business meeting
    • We have a new deputy herald – THL Matthias (hooray!)
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri)
    • Lady Stella asked what we in the barony want to do to improve/change (if anything). Along these lines, stay tuned to the South Downs’ FB group for anonymous surveys where you can share your ideas (or just contact Lady Stella directly)
    • Next 5th Wednesday potluck will be in August – would like to know if we can use the kitchen for potluck (or class?!)? Inquiries will be made (yay!)
  • Reeve (THL Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)

    • We have a little money ($12,000); the Seneschal and Reeve want to use some of it to go through the storage unit and make repairs to baronial supplies:
      • Banners? new? blinged out?
      • Poles for banners?
      • feast gear? etc.
    • Discussion about silk painting kits that the barony owns (discovered in the storage unit?): – perhaps we could do a silk banner class?
    • Ximon will need 2 guys (who are not afraid to lift heavy things) to help with inventory, so let him know if you want to help
    • Farouk asked about loaner armored gear? Sir Morgan is currently inventorying it, and the new marshal will want to coordinate. Donations are – as always – welcome
    • Concerns were said about potential financial losses for Red Tower, based on conflicts with a couple other events (Glenn Abhann coronation, bacon bash, etc). Moira and others addressed those concerns and described how the budgets are actually fine and these conflicts are not actually unusual.
  • Their Excellencies
    • Tournament of the Foxes is coming up! Her Excellency will be sponsoring teams for rapier, armored,and archery! Please let her know if you wish to take part
    • Regional youth fighter practice will take place during the Sunday figther practice after RUM
    • Scribal nights continuing, 2nd and 4th Thursdays


Upcoming Events

  • RUM (15-17 July 2016)
    • Co-Autocrats: Lady Veronica and THL Maire
    • Is in good shape. Schedule is approved and on FB event page, under the description.
    • Teacher bags, made by Stella! Next week’s meeting will be a project night, stuffing teacher bags. Please come and help!
    • Ximon offered to help set up, since he’s not going to be able to make the event.
    • Moira will need to go to the storage unit for supplies, so she may need help with that.
    • Troll will be outside, to manage the crowds in a timely an efficient manner.
    • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! we can get on site at 7 for set up, 8 for the populace.
    • Fundraiser lunch will support the Southern Consortium Gulf Wars camp, and will have an extended schedule
    • Raven will have questionnaires for crash space posted by Saturday – if you can offer crash space (or if you know of someone who needs crash space for RUM), please fill out the questionnaire
    • Hotel space is no longer being held, but they will extend the rate as long as rooms are available
  • Red Tower (30 September – 2 October 2016)
    • Rebecca and Mattias are co-autocratting Red Tower
    • The event will be held at Little Talapoosa Park
    • His Majesty will be attending Red Tower, as well as His Highness (but he may be attending Glenn Abhann coronation instead)
    • Request for additional handicapped portapotties, to accommodate people wearing garb, people with chronic health issues etc. – the extra room makes everything easier 🙂
    • Event theme is italian
    • Interested in teaching a class? Please check with Lady Veronica
    • Master Geoffrey is planning to host the Cock and Feather Tavern Friday night
    • We may have a woodburning class on an upcoming class night to help make site tokens
    • Need volunteers:
      • Saturday breakfast
      • Fundraiser lunch – sponsored by South Downs, for the Castle Wars discretionary fund (to fund things the SCA won’t pay for – revel, etc.)
      • Do we have MoLs lined up for armord and rapier tournaments?
      • Do we have a field herald?
      • Royal wrangler
      • Royal lunch – Justina will coordinate
      • Children’s activities wrangler – Mistress Allesandra has volunteered
  • DragonCon (1-5 September 2016)
    • Confirmed for parade and fan table – Stella is coordinating
  • Castle Wars
    • Feast bid is down to $8/person
    • Met with portapotty people; looking at adding three additional portapotties to accommodate needs at this site
    • Volunteers needed:
      • Travelers fare
      • Breakfast – Mistress Mara has volunteered)
      • Pottycrat
      • Field steward
      • Site tokens
  • Midwinter A&S
    • Due by the September business meeting
    • Potential site: Booker T Washington park in Chattanooga
    • Still need autocrat/bid – Lady Alisandre has offered to put together a bid; anyone else, September business mtg is deadline for bids
    • Potentially a weekend event?
    • Regional fighter practice on that Sunday – at Blackburn?
    • Stella Nova (novice A+S competition) will take place at Midwinter A& S


Other SCA Business

  • Justina is traveling to San Diego for ComicCon, and would like to bring largesse from SD to the san diego SCA group (Caid’s colors are azure, argent, and or). If you would like to contribute, please contact her directly
  • Sari Safari – Jadi is planning a field trip Sunday of RUM to go to local sari shops and have indian food for dinner afterwards
  • Marietta project nights are restarting at Mistress Jadi and THL Andreva’s house
  • His Excellency is interested in making T shirts for the barony – would welcome ideas for t-shirt design as well as for a (new) populace badge

    Non-SCA Business

    • Duke John had several dozen eggs in his car, free to a good frypan

    The business meeting was closed, and the populace went to discuss nominations for the Heart of South Downs and Chivalry awards.


    Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 3 August 2016, at the Atlanta Friends Meeting House.