June Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes for the June Baronial Meeting


South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

3  June 2015


Notes submitted by Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler


Lord Mathias Blackett, Seneschal, called the meeting to order.


Officer reports

o    Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)

  • Nothing to report

o    Webminister (Lord Wistric Oftun)

  • Asked the populace what they would like to see on the website

o    A&S Minister (Lady Tryggva Ingvarsdóttir)

  • This month’s class (24 June) is on patterning Viking garb (not too soon to plan for Red Tower!) July’s class (22 July) is TBD, and August’s “class” (26 August) will be stringing tokens for Red Tower
  • Lady Maren has asked that anyone with linen lint to save it for her – she would like to make paper from it

o    Group Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)

  • Practices are going well – we have had from 2-8 people regularly attending Tuesday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons at Blackburn Park, even though Brendan has been out of town a lot lately
  • Shameless plug: Lady Raven Helmsplitter is co-hosting the next Regional Rapier Practice, here in South Downs
    • Sunday, June 7, at 12:30pm
    • Blackburn Park
    • Hope to have fencers from all over the kingdom for the practice; the last regional practice in Vulpine Reach had 27 fencers from all over northern Meridies
    • Morgan Griffin will be organizing an SCA/geek garage sale – please contact her if you’d like to participate

o    Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)

  • One new name submission sent to Kingdom, “Marcellus Carpentarius” for Matthew York
  • One name submission advanced from Kingdom to Laurel, “Emelina Le Morreys” for Laura Trehune

o    Exchequer (Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)

  • Read a letter from kingdom (society?) regarding new rules in how group bank accounts are handled. Am hoping to get copy of letter for reference

o    Chatelaine (Lady Wilhemina)

  • Has been contacted by three new people in the past month
  • Gold key garb kits have been distributed and volunteers are sewing loaner garb

o    Seneschal (Lord Mathias)

  • Nothing to report

o    Knight Marshal (Lord Bram Halfdannarson)

  • Nothing to report

o    His Excellency (Baron Lorenzo)

  • Loves the test sheep for Red Tower
  • Travelled to Windmaster’s Hill, Kingdom of Atlantia for the Cooks and Performers Symposium
    • Enjoyed the event
    • Feast was cooked over the course of the day by the various culinary classes offered at the symposium

Other Baronial Business – events, etc.

o    Kingdom-level Event TBD

  • We still need to put in a bid for a kingdom-level event as part of our baronial duties. After much discussion, it was decided that Fighters Collegium (September 11–13) would be the best event to bid on. Conversation was had with contacts in Depedale, and they agreed to co-autocrat. Kynric and Lady Wilhemina would co-autocrat
    • Iron Mountain had previously submitted a bid, but they lost the site so it’s available again. However, if they do come up with an alternate site, they will have dibs on the event. We will put in a bid anyway, just in case
    • If we get the bid, the event will take place at Little Tallapoosa Park, same site as Red Tower

o    Lochlann lives nearby, has offered to store event supplies during the week in between the two events

  • Considering a BBQ feast – Lord Bram is an official BBQ judge, and may be able to teach a class on BBQ for events (and have the class provide part of the feast, as was done at Cooks and Performers Symposium)
  • Event staff will only be responsible for the feast and any site issues; the chivalry will coordinate all the classes, etc.
  • Still looking at putting in a bid for RUM 2016. If interested, please submit a bid for consideration by the December 2015 business meeting (2 December 2015)

o    Meridian Scribal and Heraldic Symposium, June 5–7, 2015

o    RUM, July 18, 2015

o    Red Tower, September 18–20, 2015

  • Event website will be up soon
  • NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR EVERY CATEGORY – please contact Amaris or Bam if interested
  • Feast will be headed up by Marianne/Mathilda
    • Two sections: Above the salt (limit 80 people)
    • Below the salt (more flexible with number of people, would be served BBQ from class taught earlier in the day
  • Tourneys
    • 3 heavy tourneys
    • 3 rapier tourneys
      • Stella needs help making sheep for this
    • Duke John will be celebrating 40 years of being in the SCA/squiring/becoming a knight. To commemorate this, he will set up a pavilion on the field and fight the first 40 people to request fights (take first 40 comers)
    • Equestrian
    • Archery
    • Live weapons
    • Hound coursing
  • Viking revel after feast
  • Bardic competition
  • Skaldic (voice heralding) competition
  • Mead competition
  • Viking sewing solar showing items made from the Viking garb class
  • Dirty half dozen largess contest
    • To enter, make 6 items to be added to the largess basket
    • Winner gets one item from each set entered, the Crown gets the rest

o    Castle Wars, November 19–22, 2015

  • Autocrat will be Isabelle Nugent
  • Deadline has passed for submitting bids for Castle Wars
  • Budgeting discussion
    • Do we need to rent more (handicapped) port-a-potties?
      • Issue tabled until more info on costs, etc. can be collected
  • In order to have access to park bathrooms, we would need to rent the pavilion (costs?)

o    Midwinter Arts + Sciences, January, 2016

  • Baronial deadline for bids (so bids can be presented at business meeting) Is the October business meeting
  • Wistric is collecting info for alternate sites

Non-SCA Business

o    Makers Faire ATL 2015

  • Mistress Sunneva suggested that we as a barony take part in this year’s Makers Faire (3-4 October 2015) in Decatur.
    • Makers faire is a event that showcases all sorts of handmade goods, skills, etc.
    • Good opportunity for outreach/demo activities
    • A booth at the faire is free but requires a $50 deposit (refundable)
    • Makers Faire website, for more info: http://makerfaireatl.com/
    • Sunneva will coordinate – if interested, please contact her

o    DragonCon, 4-7 September, 2015

  • What needs to be done? We weren’t sure who the contacts were last year
    • Parade – Duke John works with someone who helps coordinate the parade, will see if it’s not to late to get in. Deadline may have been 13 April.
      • Cracking down on numbers for the parade, since it’s getting really big
    • Baronial info table
      • Need to find out who handled this in the past
    • Would like to acquire a room for demos; Bam mentioned that in past years, there had been big communication problems with the dagohair demos
  • DragonCon website: http://www.dragoncon.org/

At this point, the last piece of business for the meeting was determining where everyone wanted to go to dinner. Meeting came to a close, and the next business meeting date was announced for July 1, 2015.