More Dragoncon info

From Stella:

All right, it’s Dragon*Con week! Finally got most of the info we’ll need!

We’re placed in the Historical section (51) of the parade and will be staging there.

I’ll be down Thursday night and will pick up the wristbands when I get my badge. I’ll be at the fan table Friday so swing by to pick up your wristband. It’ll be first come first serve, so please pick it up early. I’ll also bring them to the shuttle stop, and boarding one of the last shuttles over.


STAGING LOCATION: North Avenue Presbyterian Church at the intersection of
Peachtree Street NE and North Avenue. The address is 607 Peachtree Street NE.

Please arrive from 9-9:30 am and be in place by 9:45 am. The parade will be televised so look your best

There will be a shuttle running from the Marriott from 7-9:30 to the staging area. Any shuttle after 9:30 will be late.


The CW Atlanta and DCTV are broadcasting us live! Be yourself, do what you’ve always done that makes the parade so incredible. THE CW CAMERA POSITION AND ‘BROADCAST BOOTH’ IS NOT A PERFORMANCE STOP. Please keep moving.

Attached is the shuttle map and our spot in staging. They’re going to send another email for vehicles, or chariot in our case.