November Baronial Business Meeting (and Candidate Q+A) Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

7 November 2018, 7:30pm

Doraville Civic Center – 3744 Central Ave., Doraville GA

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

THL Mark de Wytteney called the meeting to order. Master Wistric sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Baronial Candidates Q+A

With the announcement of Their Excellencies Lorenzo and Adela’s intent to step down in the near future, three sets of candidates were nominated to serve as the next Baron and Baroness South Downs:

  • Master Wistric Oftun and Mistress Sunneva de Cleia
  • THL Lucien d’Artois and THL Juliane de Vivonne
  • Sir Iastreb Desislavich and THL Marianna Cristina Tirado de Aragon

The meeting began with a question and answer session with all the candidates, documented here (and on the baronial FB group) with this video:

Video of baronial candidate question and answer session

Baronial officers submitted their reports to be posted separately.

Officer Reports

  • Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Awards – Red Tower
      • Lord Brendan de Hay – Order of the Red Raven
      • Lady Raven Helmsplitter – Order of the Red Raven
    • Submissions
      • No new submissions, no change in status to existing submissions
  • Armored and Youth Marshal (Lady Mairghread)
    • Armored
      • Nothing to report
    • Youth
      • Nothing to report
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • Nothing to report
  • Chatelaine (Lady Justina di Silvestri)
    • Nothing to report
  • Arts & Sciences (Mistress Sunneva de Cleia)
    • Nothing to report
  • Reeve (THL Andreva Rigaldi)
    • Nothing to report
  • Quartermaster (THL Lucien d’Artois)
    • Nothing to report
  • Webminister (Lord Pietro di Conti)
    • We have a website!
    • Added signup sheet for 2019 A+S classes
    • Updates to Red Tower website:
      • Schedule
      • Sitemap
      • Gods & Quests
    • Updates to Castle Wars website:
      • Land map
      • Merchant list
      • Rapier schedule
      • Courtesan salon
      • Meridies Pride link
      • Notice of cancellation of equestrian activities
      • Notice of closing of PayPal registration
    • Updates to Midwinter A+S website:
      • Added Midwinter 2019 to top level “Events” dropdown menu
    • Updated info for other upcoming events:
      • Fall Crown List
      • Magna Faire
    • Updated awards:
      • Lord Brendan de Hay – Order of the Red Raven
      • Lady Raven Helmsplitter – Order of the Red Raven
      • Master Wistric Oftun – Argent Comet
      • Lord Davio de la Rouge – Argent Comet
  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
  • Seneschal (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • Nothing to report
  • Their Excellencies
    • Nothing to report

Thanks to THL Mark de Wytteney and Lord Nikon Dawidowicz for their help in coordinating and recording the Q+A session this evening.

Next business meeting will be held Wednesday, 5 December 2018, at the Doraville Civic Center. Please note that the first non-resident polling will take place at the December business meeting.