November Baronial Business Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting

2 November 2016, 7:30pm

Atlanta Friends Meeting House


Notes submitted by Lord Brendan de Hay (mka Ben Hay), South Downs Celebrity Stunt Chronicler.

Lord Bjorn called the meeting to order.


Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report, thanks to Brendan for covering the meeting
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • All is well in rapier world. We continue to have practices Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (weather and event schedule permitting). For the latest info on practice status, check Atlanta SCA Fighting group on Facebook!
  • Arts & Sciences (Lady Veronica da Lucca)
    • This month’s 5th Wednesday class (due to the Thanksgiving holiday) will be on how to prepare your A+S project for competition, taught by Mistress Allesandra. The A+S class meeting is also the 5th Wednesday potluck
    • Interested in taking part in Stella Nova at Midwinter A+S? Registration for Stella Nova closes in 15 days (17 November)!
      • For registration, you only need to include your name, your (Laurel) sponsor’s name, and project category
  • Chatelaine (Lady Stella di Silvestri)
    • We have some new members! yay!
    • We will be taking part in ConjurationCon this coming weekend (5 November 2016). We will need dancers and ???
    • Castle Wars
      • Class schedule and Castle Wars patrol
      • Need two popups
      • Next meeting – we will paint arms of the populace for Castle Wars
  • Reeve (THL Maire Dhocair Inghean Chairain)
    • We have money!
    • Yearly report sent in tonight (2 days late)
  • Webminister (Master Wistric Oftun)
    • We have a website! (yay!) We also have a website for Castle Wars! (yay encore!)
  • Armored Marshal (Lord Robert Throckmorton)
    • Castle Wars – schedule sent to Wistric and has been posted on website
    • Please contact Robert on Facebook if you are interested in helping marshal
    • There will be Youth Combat at Castle Wars (yay!)
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Submissions
      • Stella di Silvestri – submitted device
      • Iazzie – submitted new badge
  • Their Excellencies
    • Scribal night at-home will be tomorrow night (3 November)
      • Silk banners this weekend!
      • ??? banners
    • Castle Wars – please volunteer! We need volunteers throughout the event, especially cleanup!
    • If you are interested in retaining for Their Excellencies, please contact them
  • Seneschal (THL Mathias Blackett)
    • Nothing to report


Upcoming Events

  • ConjurationCon (5 November 2016)
    • Bryn Madoc and South Downs are co-coordinating the demo – if you are interested in taking part, please contact ???
    • If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with His Excellency Lorenzo
  • Crown List (11-13 November 2016)
    • Iazzie and Camulocaros will both be fighting in Crown List!
    • Baronial Pavilion will be near the field – all are welcome to stop by
  • Castle Wars (17 – 20 November 2016)
    • Takes place the week after Crown List
    • Still need volunteers:
      • Setup crew, starting at noon on Thursday 17 November
      • To help with stamping and threading site tokens – at meeting the Wednesday before Castle Wars
      • Troll
      • Kitchen cleanup
      • Site cleanup
      • Potty crew
      • Staff for Information Point
    • Revel at Castle Wars
      • Hat was passed for Revel donations. Justina has also coordinating a GoFundMe (not affiliated with South Downs, Meridies, or Society)
      • Need a tap for a commercial keg
      • Need beverage contributions
    • Zeliha is managing registration and announced she is happy to take reservations at the meeting
      • 160 total registered
      • 60 for feast (out of 100 spaces)
    • There will not be an overnight troll shift; troll will be closed between 2:00am and 7:00am
    • Registration will be extended – see website for details
    • Volunteer raffle – need donations!
    • 17 merchants have registered for Castle Wars
    • Anyone interested in camping with South Downs, please contact Lady Alisandre
    • Memorial events
      • Jochi Naran (Friday night)
      • Sir Richard Raefen
      • Viking ceremony to honor 6+ people who have passed this year, will be held Saturday evening after Court
  • Bryn Madoc Twelfth Night (7 January 2017)
    • His Excellency South Downs will be attending
    • Feast will be potluck
    • Is anyone interested in creating a South Downs Twelfth Night event? It’s been done in the past, very low-key
  • Midwinter A&S (3 – 5 February 2017)
    • Will host Stella Nova
      • 12 entries already received, six from South Downs!
      • Reminder: Stella Nova registration only requires Name/Laurel Sponsor/Category; no details are required at this point
  • Bids for Future Events
    • Kingdom Level events for 2017
      • Spring Coronation
        • Site: Booker T Washington Park, in Chattanooga
        • First weekend in April (31 March – 2 April 2017)
        • Portia is willing to help/autocrat


Other SCA Business

  • Informal Baronial At-Home at Castle Wars
    • Pavilion will be open for knitting, knitting instruction, and socializing
    • Begins at 10:00am
    • Closes before Court
    • There will be alcohol
    • We will also be working on relic bags (for those who don’t knit) – materials will be provided


Non-SCA Business

  • Andreva announced upcoming choir concerts, 2 and 4 December; please contact her for further information
  • SERFO (Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open) (11-13 November)
    • Organized by Master David, will be held at the Stone Mountain Community Center
    • Officially a HEMA event, but several SCA fencers take part
  • Duke John mentioned the Shakespeare First Folio exhibit at Emory
  • Vyviant at Georgia Tech needs volunteers to be interviewed for a research project on re-enacting
  • Fathom Events will be screening a rebroadcast of The National Theatre’s Hamlet, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, on 15 November


All the business issues having been addressed, the business meeting was closed.


Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 7 December 2016, at the Atlanta Friends Meeting House.