October Business Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting
7 October 2015

Decatur Recreation Center

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler


Lord Bjorn Gullharr called the meeting to order.

Officer Reports

  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Nothing to report
    • Would like to consider developing a quarterly newsletter or update the baronial directory
  • A+S Minister (Lord Mathias, reporting for Lady Tryggva)
    • October project night will be 14 October. There will be people working on tokens for Castle Wars (likely leather stamping) – the populace is more than welcome to help out! Zoe will also be previewing the equestrian class for Castle Wars
    • November A+S class (11 November) Lady Justina will teach period hairstyling techniques
    • We are still looking for help with troll and volunteers to teach classes at Castle Wars. Maire has paperwork for volunteering
  • Reeve (Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)
    • Nothing to report (for now)
  • Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • Practices have been going well, despite the frequent absence of the GRM due to work responsibilities.
    • Captains Davio and Wistric presented a rapier demo at Streets Alive
    • Raven mentioned the next regional rapier practice, to be held Sunday, 18 October, here at Blackburn Park. All are welcome to come out!
  • Webminister (Captain Wistric)
    • Yes, there’s a website!
    • An additional page has been added with information about nearby groups
    • If there’s something you’d like to see included in the website, let Wistric know – always open to ideas
  • Herald (Lord Bjorn)
    • Names and devices
      • Jay Luo – name and device submitted to Cypher
      • Mara Palmer – device resubmission and badge submission advanced to Laurel
      • Margot de Saint Denis device returned from Laurel because the lotus blossom was drawn incorrectly.
    • Events and courts
      • Red Tower
        • Iastreb Desislavich – Red Raven
        • Marianna Cristina Tirado – Red Raven
        • Bram Halfdannarson – Tower Or
        • Sunneva de Cleia – Tower Argent
        • Bjorn Gullharr – Tower Or
        • Stella de Silvestri – Hearth of South Downs
        • Bram Halfdannarson – Lady’s Chivalry Award
        • Iastreb Desislavich – Lady’s Chivalry Award

SCA Business

  • Event reports
    • Red Tower (18–20 September 2015)
      • Went well
      • 232 people attended
      • Fighting went well – 36 fighters in Red Tower tourney
      • Rapier rocked
      • Feast rocked (thanks, Iastreb and Marianna!)
      • Made $1,100 on top of expenses
      • Thanks to the event stewards, chefs, and all the volunteers who helped make Red Tower a success! Great to see the barony offer such hospitality.
    • Coronation (9–11 October 2015)
      • In case something should happen to Their Majesties,
        • Does the barony want to put together a last-minute coronation gift? Contributions should not have the Meridian arms if you wish for Their Highnesses to keep the gift after their reign is done.
        • Gift suggestions include period toys and postage stamps (Her Highness is fond of writing thank-you notes)
        • Please bring contributions to His Excellency at Coronation.
  • Castle Wars (19–22 November 2015, Master Ximon reporting on behalf of the autocrat)
    • In general, things are coming together – all the big issues are sorted out, now it’s just addressing the details.
    • Meetings were held with volunteers and to coordinate land distribution and reservations.
    • In addition to the land we had last year, we also have the land the Boy Scouts had reserved (but didn’t use) last year.
    • Tryggva is coordinating classes, and mentioned that this is a great opportunity to work on developing a class you may want to teach at Gulf Wars or Magna Faire, and the outdoor location is excellent for teaching classes that may be too messy for an indoor space, or that takes longer than the standard 1 hour timeslot.
    • Volunteers needed:
      • (2) Pottycrat
      • Donations for the volunteer raffle are being sought (the more you volunteer, the more tickets you get for the raffle).
        • Ximon is donating a buckler and warhammer
      • Iazzie still needs help getting the castle walls from his house to the site – they are in a trailer, but the walls are heavier than his truck can easily tow.
    • If you’re interested in a South Downs encampment, check with Their Excellencies who will coordinate it (if there’s interest)
  • Twelfth Night (9 January 2016)
    • With the issues trying to find a site, it has been decided that we’ll all road trip to Bryn Madoc and take part in their Twelfth Night. They will be offering a full day of classes, fighting, hanging out, dancing, and general shenanigans.
  • Midwinter A+S (12-14 February 2016)
    • Looking at finalizing a site (Unitarian Universalist Church of Atlanta)
    • 13 February (Valentine’s Day weekend)
    • Potential alternate site – University of West Georgia
    • Lady Mara Palmer – potential autocrat
    • Ideas for event? E-Mail Lord Mathias
  • Demos
    • ATL Streets Alive!
      • Went well. Not much foot traffic in the location we were given, but the concept worked well, those who did see us loved us, and the event coordinators want us back next year.
    • Potential Streets Alive in Clarkston in November
      • Wistric has offered to coordinate our presence there.
    • Maker Faire
      • Awesome and amazing despite the wind and rain.
      • Girl Scout troop which visited our booth had a great time writing with the quills.
      • 43 people signed up!

Other SCA Business

  • Sir Iastreb is stepping down as the Kingdom Law Clerk to become the Northern Region Ombudsman and is looking for applications to succeed him. If interested, e-mail him or Duke Thomas.
  • Duke John thanked everyone who helped coordinate or take part in his 40th anniversary celebration which took place at Red Tower

Non-SCA Business

  • Maire is active with the local LARP community, and announced a big event they are hosting, 5–7 February, at Indian Springs campbround. She’s expecting more than 100 people attending, and would love for us to take part (teaching classes? Holding an SCA-style fighting demo?)
  • Several new people came to the meeting, having found out about us at either Streets Alive or Maker Faire. Officers and peers introduced themselves and described what they did, then answered questions.