Keeping any organization together is a lot of work. Each group within the SCA must be able to maintain proper functioning of the group. To this end each group designates officers to take charge of specific areas of responsibility. These officers serve at an administrative level. Within the Barony of the South Downs (and the Society for Creative Anachronism as a whole), individual members volunteer their time and talents as officers to help make things happen for everyone.

Baron and Baroness

Invested by the Crown of Meridies as the feudal heads of the Barony of South Downs.

Chatelaine (Hospitaler)

Responsible for helping newcomers and visitors to the Barony. Please talk with her if you are new and need help of any kind!


Chief executive, administrator, and legal representative of the Barony of South Downs.

Reeve (Exchequer)

Treasurer, tracking the moneys held by the Barony of South Downs.


Responsible for fighting activities for the Barony of South Downs.
The Rapier Marshal specifically handles fencing.
The Live Weapons Marshal is responsible for thrown weapons and archery.

Arts and Sciences Officer

Responsible for fostering the study of arts and sciences in the Barony of South Downs, including organizing educational classes.


Responsible for the registration of SCA names and devices, as well as making announcements at SCA events.


Responsible for recording the proceedings of Barony meetings and for creating the official newsletter.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer

Responsible for promoting the values of inclusion throughout the barony and the SCA.

Minister of Children

Plans and assists with children’s activities at SCA events held by the Barony.


Responsible for property of the Barony, taking charge of the items in storage and keeping inventory.

Social Media Officer

Responsible for the barony’s social media presence.


Responsible for maintaining the web site.

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