Baron and Baroness


Wistric's portrait

Within the feudal structure of the SCA we have titular heads of the Barony that are the representative of the Crown in the Barony of South Downs. The Baron and Baroness are responsible for running the SCA aspects of the Barony.



Baronial Lineage

Sven of Vandelalven the Fierce and Melucine de Ronceverte
William Colquitt and Helene of Florrisshen
John of Ean Airgead the Mad Celt and Rondallynn of Golgotha
Karl von Kruk
Ximena Yannez de Talavera and Brigit ard inghean Aeda
Borgar of South Downs and Laurettia atte Blacksterre
Cathal mac Edan na faeled and Carol Jane Ravenridge
Hajji Turahan Karamani al-Arsalan and Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya
Lorenzo Petrucci and Adela Scrijver van Brugge
Wistric Oftun and Sunneva de Cleia

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