September Baronial Business Mini-Meeting

South Downs Baronial Business Mini-Meeting

26 September 2018, 7:30pm

Little Tree Studios

Notes submitted by Lady Raven Helmsplitter, South Downs Chronicler.

Herald (THL Lucien d’Artois) called the meeting to order. Master Wistric sez “Welcome! If you did not sign in, please sign in!”

Red Tower

  • Lord Mark de Wytteney reporting
    • Visited the site last weekend, took lots of pictures
    • Site opens at 5:00pm, but we can get there to set up at 12:00 Noon
    • Cabins
      • Not all cabins have fans
      • Don’t plug in anything more than box fans or heated blankets, or they’ll blow the power to the entire site (example – space heaters, etc). CPAPs are fine
    • Lots of spiders – be careful
      Bloody Ridge is doing fundraiser lunch for TRHs
    • Fighting scenarios for both heavy and rapier look great
    • There aren’t any classes planned for the event (as of now), other than a scriptorium
      • Lady Justina mentioned that she does have a class planned, and has posted it on event page
    • HRH always welcomes local youth to serve as retainers to TRH
    • What is the Gold Key situation for Red Tower? Will it be available?
    • The Red Tower tournament will be a standard tournament structure
    • Do we have a merchantcrat? It looks like we’ll have at least one merchant
      • Will merchants be able to camp at the site?
      • There is supposed to be no camping allowed – cabins only – but it was pointed out that Crossroads had tent camping available as well – how did this work?
      • Everyone (including merchants) would have to registers for a cabin/bed, but merchants could camp with their booths if they need to
    • The adults-only revel will be hosted by House Broken Heart and the Knowne Worlde Courtesan Guild down at the amphitheater, away from the cabins; the path to the amphitheater will be clearly marked with glow sticks etc
    • There may be a second, family-friendly revel
    • Feast sounds fantastic!
    • By tomorrow night, Mark will have a map with cabins, etc up
      • Other than HRH cabin, all cabins are first come first serve
      • 121 beds on site (4 beds per cabin)
      • Concerns about people unloading their stuff in cabins *then* trolling in (which leaves people with cabin conflicts)
    • How will baronial supplies get from storage to site? Mark replied he has a trailer and a truck available
    • Expected baronial supplies:
      • Kitchen stuff
      • Lyst field stuff
      • Tables, popups, etc
      • Baronial supplies for the event need to get that parsed out ASAP so things can get organized and packed
    • Lucien will have storage inventory done this weekend
    • Ximon will head out to site on Friday, has car space for one person (but he’ll have to come back Friday night, so that person will need to arrange their own travel back)

Other SCA Business

  • New meeting site
    • We need to find a new meeting site by 1 October – three potential meeting sites have been lined up. Each site is approximately the same price ($50/week)
      • Doraville Civic Center: across from the Doraville MARTA station. Convenient, good space, lots of parking. However, it has already been reserved by another group on 17 October, so if we went with this site, we’d need to find an alternate space for that one evening
      • St. Philip’s Cathedral: Buckhead, right on Peachtree St. Beautiful site, lots of parking. Contact there is a former/occasional SCAdian. We should keep this site in mind for future RUM or MWA+S events. Location is deep in Buckhead, not near highways or public transportation (other than buses)
      • Masons Lodge: Sandy Springs. On Roswell Rd. near 285, so easily accessed (by car). Traffic through Sandy Springs during the evenings can be brutal, and once a quarter, we won’t have access to the site due to a regularly-scheduled event conflict.
    • The floor was opened to the populace for questions and comments.
      • There were concerns about traffic and having our meetings in religious sites.
      • Could we try out each location (for a week? month?)?
      • Concerns were raised about the possibility of losing a site if we waited too long.
      • Wistric presented a map of the Atlanta metro area to give a better idea of where each location is, and then we voted.
    • Final votes: Doraville (13), St. Philips (11), Mason’s Lodge (8). Motion to move to the Doraville Civic Center and hold our 17 October meeting at St. Philips.
    • THL Andreva wrote out a deposit check for $350 for the Doraville Civic Center ($150 deposit, $200 for the first month’s site fees).

With no other business, Lucien closed the meeting and Lady Alisandre taught her class on Research Methods.

PLEASE NOTE: Next South Downs business meeting will be held Wednesday, 3 October 2018, at the Doraville Civic Center, 3770 Central Avenue, Doraville, GA. We will meet at the usual time, Wednesday 7-9pm.