September Meeting Minutes

South Downs Baronial Business Meeting
2 September 2015

Decatur Recreation Center

Notes submitted by Raven Helmsplitter (mka Helena Bretherton Hay), South Downs Chronicler

Lord Mathias Blackett, Seneschal, called the meeting to order.

Officer reports

  • Herald (Lord Bjorn Gullharr)
    • Awards given at Foxes
      • Lord Brendan de Hay, Argent Rapier
      • Lord Wistric Oftun, Meridian Order of the Blade
      • Lady Mara Palmer, Order of the Velvet Owl
    • Names/devices
      • Lady Raven Helmsplitter, device passed kingdom
  • Group Rapier Marshal (Lord Brendan de Hay)
    • Practices are going well – we have had from 2-8 people regularly attending Tuesday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons at Blackburn Park, even though Brendan has been out of town a lot lately
    • Had a great showing at Foxes
      • Fielded two rapier melee teams for Her Excellency (who provided lovely blue and black sashes for her fighters to wear)
      • Rapier team captained by Lady Raven and included Lord Wistric, Lord Matheu, Baron Borgar, and Lady Toki, took second place in the tourney (4-1, only loss in the final)
      • A total of approx. 15 fencers represented the barony (will confirm numbers)
  • Chronicler (Lady Raven Helmsplitter)
    • Reminded everyone we have a website
    • Mentioned a couple of potential projects the chronicler can develop, if there’s interest:
      • Baronial directory
      • Baronial newsletter
  • Chatelaine (Lady Majda, acting deputy)
    • Office is open; if interested, please contact the seneschal
  • A&S Minister (Lady Tryggva Ingvarsdóttir)
    • Not present, report was presented by the populace (project-oriented)
    • There’s been lots of cooking/planning for upcoming events/feasts – Red Tower, Castle Wars…
      • South Downs Supper Club! Monthly get-together, featuring a menu focused on a particular period theme. Please join the Facebook group if interested (or if you’re not on Facebook, contact His Excellency)
    • September’s A&S class – How to submit an event bid/how to autocrat, taught by Celestine
    • Lady Majda is starting a dance class at her house; first class (European) is 14 September, and will alternate between European and Middle Eastern.
  • Knight Marshal (Lord Bram Halfdannarson)
    • Bram is leaving South Downs and Meridies in October; his last marshaling event will be Red Tower. We are looking for a new Knight Marshal
  • Reeve (Lady Maire Dhocair Inghean Chiarain)
    • We have money in our account (Much rejoicing from the populace)
    • Not counting the next two events (Red Tower and Castle Wars), we have $3,800. We are looking for ways to save more money
    • Fundraiser lunches at events? Coffee cart? Dessert table?
    • Red Tower sheep will be auctioned off at the end of the event

Other Baronial Business – events, etc.

  • DragonCon, September 3- 7, 2015
    • Master Ximon is coordinating the parade – if you are interested in participating in the parade (and have registered for DragonCon), please contact him
      • Need a few people to help pull the chariot (teams of 2)
      • Wristbands for the parade will be at the fan table
      • Weather is expected to be dicey (60% chance of rain)
      • Marching with the historical section
      • Keep an eye out for the location of the fan table (it will be open 12-8 on Friday)
  • Red Tower, September 18–20, 2015
    • Everything is finalized
    • Need volunteers for all departments
      • 2-3 people to go to storage unit and pull supplies (talk to Amaris)
      • Friday and Sunday afternoon set-up and strike volunteers
    • The feast will rock! Sir Iazzie and Marianna reviewed the menu
(note from Chronicler, post-event: it was even better than anticipated. So. Good.)
    • MARS (Bryn Madoc UGA group) is hosting a fundraiser lunch
    • Lord Matthias is hosting the Friday night skaldic-themed bardic circle
  • Castle Wars, November 19–22, 2015
    • Sebastiannos will be event Knight Marshal
    • Volunteers needed
      • Need a “chancellor of the privys”
      • Lady Wilhemina is making tokens for the event; would love some assistance
      • We are in need of a crafter/woodworker to make signs (Master Rithric was mentioned)
      • Need a Youth Activities coordinator. If interested and you do not yet have had a background check done, please contact Baroness Genevieve la Barquarresse (Kingdom Youth Minister) to get that going
      • Iazzie has requested assistance with hauling the trailer that holds the walls, netting, etc. The weight of the trailer severely strained his van’s transmission. Please contact him if you can help with the trailer
      • Need volunteers, especially an assistant landcrat (our landcrat may not be able to make the event)
    • Budget has been revised to account for funds for youth activities and a revel
    • Donations for volunteer raffle prizes are requested
  • Midwinter Arts + Sciences, February 12-14, 2016
    • Matthias has been working on potential sites; still looking
    • Interested in helping find a site? Site requirements include:
      • Ballpark budget for site rental is $1000-$1200
      • Large hall (holding 150-250 people
      • Several classrooms for tracks of classes (minimum 3)
      • Kitchen for feast
      • Prefer wet/discreetly wet site
      • Parking
      • Availability 9am – 9pm is ideal
  • Baronial Twelfth Night, Date TBD (near 6 January 2016)
    • No updates
  • Knowne Worlde Dance Symposium, Date TBD (2017)
    • Wistric is looking to submit at bid for this event, currently scouting out sites with ballroom and classroom space (likely hotels similar to events like ConjurationCon)
    • Drakenmere is also considering submitting a bid for a future rapier symposium
  • Kingdom law updates
    • As announced at Foxes, an experimental fee change will be implemented in 2016 (following text copied from the missive posted on the kingdom website)

This change is two fold. First, it will suspend the “Three adult member price” cap beginning on January 1st, 2016. Secondly, it will require that all children 17 and under be admitted free into Meridian events beginning January 1st, 2016, with some caveats.

If a child intends to eat event provided food (i.e. feast) , the group may charge them the ‘on-board’ fee. If an event site’s cost is on a ‘per head basis,’ that cost may be passed on to the child/family. If a child uses bed space which is limited in nature (i.e. space in a cabin which is expected to sell out), that cost may be passed along to the child/family.

This is a trial run, which will last through the entirety of 2016. At the end of the year, this policy will be reevaluated and either removed, renewed, or made permanent. If there are significant issues, the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal could act to remove or alter the policy during the trial period.

Other/Non-SCA Business

  • Atlanta Streets Alive!, 27 September, 2015
  • Maker Faire ATL 2015, 3-4 October, 2015
    • Mistress Sunneva confirmed that the barony has a 10’x10’ booth at the Maker Faire. Contact her if you have questions or would like to help with the demo (A+S people, especially)
    • Sunneva will have a signup sheet for demos; we will be focusing on A&S demos that can easily fit in the 10×10 booth.
    • Maker faire is a event that showcases all sorts of handmade goods, skills, etc.
    • Good opportunity for outreach/demo activities
    • Maker Faire website, for more info:
  • Voting
    • The ladies and the gentlemen of the barony met separately to vote for the Heart of South Downs and the Chivalry award

After the voting was completed, the meeting ended and everyone went to dinner. Next meeting Wednesday, 7 October, 2015.