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Feast Menu
We have been informed by the chefs that there may be some food swapping among the courses, but all ingredients are set in stone. I will update you as we get more info 🙂

Goblin Kings Feast

1st Course:‘Ello, ‘ave a cuppa tea
‘ello Bread (Bread and Rolls)
Toby’s Magic Milk (Hot Aromatic Honeyed Milk)

2nd Course: Chilly Down & The Bog
Helping Hand Meat Pies
Didymus Beans (Fava Beans)
Ludo’s Rock Friends (Garlic Mushrooms)

3rd Course: As the World Falls Down
Grilled Chicken Legs
Honeyed Carrots
Ambrosius’ Ambrosia (Sauteed Spinach)
Jareth’s Figgy Forgetful Peaches

4th Course: Goblin Battle & Thirteen O’Clock
Goblin Sausages (Turkey Sausages)
Cauliflower w/ Tahini-Walnut Sauce
Sauteed Aphrodisiac Greens

A Variety of Teas and Juices

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Info on site rules
-This is a cabin only event.
Overnight tents, RV’s, truck campers will not be allowed.
Less stuff for you to pack. Just come and enjoy!

-We love your pets, but unfortunately are only able to accommodate service animals for this event. Thank you for understanding!

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